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Hi I’m Alexandra, author + personal stylist since 2001.
Welcome to my blog where I write everything (except for the press pieces).
No guest or sponsored posts just my unfiltered opinion of where style and reality intersect.

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How Closet Clarity can help you
I help professional women and entrepreneurs like you get out of your style ruts and feel empowered and confident in what you wear so that you can show up as your best self in your business. When you’re a busy professional women editing your closet or even going shopping for new pieces falls to the […]
Nomad in style?
I’m a big fan of the Sunday Styles Section in the New York Times. This weekend I read an article that I can’t get out of my head. It’s about Fabrice Grinda who, approaching 40 years old and despite being worth approximately 100 million dollars, decided to give up his lavish estate (including a butler) […]
Confessions, Style TRUTHS,
3 keys to success in Closet Clarity
Is your closet bursting with items yet you feel you have nothing to wear? Has your life gotten bigger while your closet and style has been left behind? Are you a female entrepreneur juggling building an empire, taking care of family, and a rich social life? Are you curious to hear how you can obtain […]
Closet Clarity
Why did I create Closet Clarity? They say outer clutter is a reflection of inner clutter and I’ve always struggled with having a bursting closet and not enough space. I’m also very challenged by paper clutter. Last winter I spent 2.5 months on the west coast working with clients. I was forced to live with less […]
Less is more: how much do you really need?
I’ve spoken about the less-is-more concept before on my blog here and here. Every day I become even more aware of how little of our stuff we actually need. Do I really need 6 different pots? Nope, just 2 perfect sized pots. And wooden spoons? How many things do I really cook at once? Oh and sweaters…the […]
Getting to the bottom of why we only wear 20% of our closets
Despite being a stylist I’ve never been much of a perfect folder. I never worked in retail where I had to perfect the perfect t-shirt fold. My own closets are reasonably organized but not anal. I’ve always wanted prettier, more perfect closets but haven’t invested the time or money. I’ve aspired to have my closet look […]
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Letting go of treasured style gifts
What are you holding onto? A treasured friend of mine, Antonia, is a talented singer/songwriter/performer who I worked with in my past life as a fashion shoot stylist-we’re talking about 2002. The shoot we did together never yielded any good shots because the photographer was drunk the whole time. Not an uncommon story in the fashion […]
Being visible and stylish online
It was 2006 and I had my fashion styling portfolio online. I had my house of portfolios book too but that didn’t seem like the ticket to getting hired in the future in my books. I realized that clients in addition to seeing my styling work ALSO needed to see what I looked like. So […]
Elizabeth Gillett Scarf + Bag Tips
  Truth time: Do you have a whole bunch of scarves that never make it onto your body and out the door? Maybe you have scarves that were gifts from loved ones and you can’t think to get rid of them but you don’t love them? Then you will love this video. In the video […]
The Laundress Event in Soho
It was an exciting week here for me with the Laundress event in Soho. I shared a very personal story that I don’t often reveal and the most common mistakes I see women make, closet-care wise. We also had live cleaning demos, sparkly sips, nibbles, and juicy questions from the guests. Lauren Gabrielson, a local fashion […]