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Are you still waiting for that special someone to give you jewelry to die for?

By | July 7th, 2017 | Style Esteem

Around the time I was turning 29 it became alarmingly clear that I didn’t have a husband on the horizon.

I was a bit frustrated with that, but I decided to not let it stop me from traveling, shopping, or living in a way that lights me up inside.

It was a pact I made with myself to make my own joy happen.

So when I was up in Maine celebrating my birthday I saw this ring in Sam Shaw that took my breath away.

It is a cognac diamond with the most unique setting.

Cognac Diamond Ring

The ring reminded me of my very glamourous godmother who had a cognac diamond instead of a normal white diamond.

It was a tidy sum but I had just gotten a bonus and some birthday money.

So I splurged and got it.

My best friend at the time swooned and said that if at any time I was sick of the ring I could sell it to her.

Since then, I wear it all the time.

And it reminds me that it’s better not to wait for a man to buy you something that you can buy yourself.

Why not marry yourself?

Love yourself?

Decide to cherish yourself?

I did.

I’m not advocating blind shopping sprees, but strategic purchases that enhance and bring joy to your life and image.

As a personal stylist I help hard working women make smart purchases that flatter, bring joy, and convey the right message.

If you are reading this and wouldn’t know how to find that special token for yourself you can always call me for help.

Schedule your style assessment call now. 

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