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Personal Stylist Client Testimonial: Julianna

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Georgia Marantos
“Alexandra chose colors and outfits that complimented me and reflected my essence and presence in the worldd so that I feel more comfortable and confident. I’m now a better version of myself. Alexandra exceeded my expectations.” - Georgia Marantos
Katie Coates
"Had a magical experience with Alexandra yesterday! I feel so empowered by our work together to infuse glamour, credibility and bad-ass-ness into my look in preparation for all the speaking engagements I have going this coming year. My new book is called Yes Vote, and I give Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt a YES VOTE for her expertise, humor, helpfulness, and team!" - Katie Coates
Stephanie Wild
I just got cast in an independent TV pilot on the basis of my Facebook photos as "boss lady at a high fashion magazine". Thanks Alexandra! -Stephanie Wild Psychic Medium
Susan P.
The rules you taught me keep working. I have made some mistakes but I learn from them now and my mistakes reinforce what you taught me. The/My rules you taught me for my shape, coloring and personality haven’t failed me yet. And all my clothes are in one closet now! And I always feel I have something to wear for every occasion ! Working with you was the best thing I could do for my self confidence as well as save time and money.
It's been over a year since I had a Style Makeover with Alexandra, and the benefits keep accruing! Never have I felt so confident and comfortable in my style. And, with the tools and knowledge she gave me, I have been able to buy more flattering clothes to supplement the ones she and I selected....which I am mostly still wearing, even though I lost 15 pounds! Does she know how to plan ahead, or what?! Working with Alexandra is truly a life-changing experience. With her combination of style savvy, fit expertise and deep understanding of your personality and budget, she will empower you to show your best self to the world. I wish all women could feel as good as I do every day, when I look in my closet and wonder, "What perfect outfit should I wear today?
Julie P.
Before I started working with Alexandra, I didn’t know what I didn’t know…  I didn’t know what to do in terms of what to buy. Even at our first meeting, Alexandra said I had pieces but none of the pieces worked together as real outfits.  It clicked for me that I might have gone out and bought pieces but never as part of a set or with a big picture in mind. I had a bunch of only children in the closet with no where to go. Now with the final style session, it’s amazing to look at how I can mix and match pieces.  It also taught me I can play around with my clothing and switch instead of using a ‘this is the set outfit’.  It has changed how I thought about clothing. The benefits of working with Alexandra was knowing what types of clothing I need to buy for my own shape and learning to let go of things that I might have had a preference for but aren’t flattering. I also learned how to be age appropriate (which I used to think was a scary term) without being considered a fuddy duddy. I learned how to step it up a notch in terms of how I thought about myself and how I dressed.  I knew at the onset that there would be a big impact of the whole process but the empowerment it gave me to feel confident and know that I’m wearing something that looks good as incredible. I’m no longer stressed in the morning about getting dressed. The most stressful part before was getting ready for work or a special event with friends. I didn’t have that special dress in my closet. I didn’t have a fabulous little basic shrug to put over. And those were things I wouldn’t have thought of investing in. It was a challenge for me to invest in myself. But now that I have, I’m so glad, because now I can just throw it on and go out and not think about it. I actually had a lot of fun during the process even though I didn’t think it would be so that was a pleasant surprise. Like many women, I’m not a big shopper. It’s not something I enjoy doing myself but I was kinda looking forward to Alexandra curating and customizing something for me. It was such an indulgence, luxury and gift that I’m glad I did.
I feel more confident knowing that I look great! I hadn’t shopped for myself for a couple of years, was starting a new job and definitely needed a closet purge. Alexandra was great about very efficiently going through my existing clothes, while still keeping some nice pieces that worked and then we went on two great shopping trips where she introduced me to all these new brands that worked very well for me. We put all these pieces together and came out with some great looks. So, all in all, it has been a fantastic experience. I couldn’t have done this on my own so I was very glad that I was able to find her and do this. I now know which colors, styles and brands work for me and will carry that knowledge forward.  I have become more attuned to making my outfits look interesting by pairing my good old trusty basics with a fun jacket or a scarf that adds a “wow” factor. Getting dressed in the morning now is easier since I have so many more choices, both in terms of outfits as well as hair styles.  I am really looking forward to receiving my book so I don’t have to agonize about which pieces look good together.  The extra hair styling lesson has shown me I have lots of choices and can still look put together, even on a “bad hair day.” My favorite part was her humor which was a great bonus to the whole experience. For anyone who is thinking of working with Alexandra, know that it is a personal decision, but if you are considering doing this and you are someone who has limited time, does want to look their best, feel their best, take their style to the next level, I would highly recommend it because it’s just a very fun, productive, efficient process.
Lisa C.
The experience of working with Alexandra has been overwhelmingly positive. It has helped me get excited about my wardrobe and feel more comfortable in everything I do whether it’s going to work, going to a meeting, going to the soccer field, putting on a bathing suit and just getting myself together. It’s all so much more comfortable, streamlined and easy. Working with Alexandra, everything was different. She learned about my life, my colors. Learning about my color palette was helpful for me. I loved walking into a dressing room and having everything ready for me so that in 2.5 hours time I would have a whole host of things that are right for me. That is incredible! If you are on the fence about deciding to hire Alexandra It is money well spent to stop thinking about it and just do it. It’s totally worth it. I could have never done this on my own. Maybe if I decided to study fashion and ignore other aspects of my life but not in this way.
M. H.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra to anyone looking for a stylist. As I advanced in my high-stress career, I realized that rather than seeing fashion as a distraction from work, I needed to start paying more attention to my professional image. Alexandra truly listened to everything I told her about my lifestyle, preferences, and budget and helped me figure out my own personal style before I even knew it myself! Shopping for my full figure used to be a painful experience, but now that I have the tools to find pieces that are flattering and fun, I can focus on trying on items that make me feel good about my body. In the few weeks since I worked with Alexandra, I have been receiving compliments from colleagues and clients alike. It has been a wonderful experience, one that I’m sure will serve me well in the years to come.
Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, a well known NY fashion stylist turned my wardrobe from black, strong and trendy to colorful, soft and one day. It takes talent to transform a person’s look and feel to reflect all aspects of their personality. She’s strategic, smart, and holds to the vision even if it pushes your envelope.
Wow! Alexandra has helped and taught me so much during the Darling Package.” Alexandra made getting dressed a fun event again. We realized that my closet was full of high quality solid basics, and lacked the pizzazz which brought everything together to make a great outfit. I just needed a few jackets with lots of style, and learned to put on the scarves & jewelry that I already own. My closet went through a total transformation! Alexandra also taught me that it is best to mix all my clothes together, and to stop thinking of them as fancy vs everyday.What a difference that concept has made for me. I feel like a million dollars (or maybe even more!). See her client style file and testimonial here
On the verge of turning 40, I didn’t know how to look age-appropriate without looking matronly or like I was trying to pretend I was still in my twenties. I tasked Alexandra with finding me a cocktail dress that was right for my place in life but still a “wow.” She asked great questions about how I wanted to look. The key words I gave her were chic, subtly sexy, timeless, sophisticated, and not cheap – all while staying between $300-$500.
My experience with Alexandra has been fabulous! I was frustrated with my closet and how I looked in pictures (too cute to be taken seriously). She listened to what I wanted but also helped me realize things about myself and my own style challenges. I really feel with all of the clothing, the outfits we’ve assembled, the hair lesson, and all of the accessories that Alexandra has changed my life. She helped me create not just outfits but a style statement for how I go out in the world in the morning. She’s given me a new sense of confidence, especially when I go to professional meetings. I love what I have now, and it’s only gotten better. Alexandra’s personal style is different from mine, and I was grateful that she never impressed her style on me but helped me develop MY OWN style. I had a previous negative experience with another stylist but was relieved that Alexandra was respectful and sensitive to my needs. When we went to edit my closet she took her time to go piece by piece without rushing. I felt we were efficient but that I was never rushed or pressured. It was refreshing that she didn’t make any assumptions about a piece being good or bad based on its price or designer and wanted to genuinely find things that uniquely worked for ME. I felt comfortable having her as my stylist but also a friend.
Everyone has told me that I always looked so put together and that my outfits and hair were beautiful. This is all because of you!!! I stayed within my color schemes and styles and did not go astray. I took my time in the stores and didn’t rush so I didn’t settle on anything like I used to do. It’s exhausting but worth it.  I actually plan to do some shopping this weekend but first I am going to take everything out of my closet, try everything on, and take an assessment on what I have and what I need…again…this I learned from you. You changed my life when I really needed it. I certainly am getting more attention than I used to and more importantly, I feel good about myself.
My first day on the new job I felt fantastic! I’m wearing the white BCBG dress with the little peplum today and feeling equally stylish.  My boyfriend is super excited to see me in something new each morning. Most importantly, I’ve held several high-level meetings and my new wardrobe is reinforcing the power and authority I need for success.
When I arrived at the store, Alexandra had pulled 27 dresses for me to try on. Many obviously met my criteria and some were surprises. She knew what she was doing though as the dress I wound up purchasing was one I never would have taken off the rack myself. It’s a bolder color than I would’ve picked on my own and a style I’ve never worn. Her educated eye knew what was right for me. My husband loved it, and I felt confident wearing it. Oh, and the designer dress was right on budget.
I got so many compliments!!! You are a genius. Did I tell you Jeffrey loves my style transformation?!? Oh and me too BTW!
Elizabeth Webb
of LaVida Femme
I’m SO happy to call Alexandra my stylist. I’ve tried other people and she’s by far the best. I worked with her to discover the colors and shapes that make me look and feel my most beautiful and put together. I hadn’t realized that my wardrobe of basic black really wasn’t doing anything special for me. In fact, it was detracting. I feel so much lighter and brighter and my style now matches my brand and personality. She makes it easy and fun and is a true delight to work with. All the ladies and gents who think you don’t need a stylist should have a real pro assess your situation :) Why not go from good to great? Alexandra is simply the best.
I found my session with Alexandra extremely helpful and learned what clothes and colors look best on me. I highly recommend meeting with her. I know you’ll luv it!!!”- XOXO
Suzanne Knowlton
Thanks so much. I have more confidence because of you!
I have thought about what it is that you do and what is so helpful to me. It is that you see me with new eyes. You have a fresh approach that is trained to maximize a person’s attributes. Along with that, you are knowledgeable about all the newest clothing and accessories that are available.
“Everytime I put on one of my fabulous outfits I think of you and how you changed my life. You have saved me so much time and money since I’m no longer buying things which don’t work 150% for me.I’m addicted to everything that you think looks good on me so it’s been so much fun and the feedback has been ridiculous and now I won’t even touch any black even in my apartment.Thank you for introducing me to the world of color!
I wanted to let you know everything is working great. I think I have already worn almost everything we have bought!
I really enjoyed our sessions but I was more focused on what suits me well rather than what I need. It re-boosted my self-confidence (thanks!). I saw that I can look pretty and learned about some brands that I didn’t know.
I so appreciate all that you have done to help me a get a bit more chic and pulled together.
Every single piece that I purchased with Alexandra has been an absolute winner. Not only do I wear them, but they work with much of my existing wardrobe. I also would have not been able to navigate the crazy Century 21 department store without her.
Alexandra made my life easy for the wedding dress and rehearsal dinner outfit process. She is attentive and the bottom line is she wants you – the client – to be happy and satisfied. I was very happy that she was recommended to me by another professional.
I got all the clothes back from the tailor and took the trousers we got together as well. Everything looks great. I wore the pleated blouse with my dark pleated skirt for an important pre-syndicated dinner and was asked to give an impromtu speech. It was so nice to feel pretty and elegant. The speech on ‘secret to successful syndication participation’ went really well. The outfit really gave me confidence!
My experience with you has been very useful and enjoyable in every way. I am glad that I decided to do explore New York fashion with you. Your comments and suggestions are great foundations for me to build upon, and something I can think about when I go shopping alone. Thank you very much. I also appreciate your recommendations on where to go in NYC.