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Are your closets exploding with clothing you never wear?

Are you confused as to which cuts, styles, or colors look good on you?

Is having multiple closets and multiple homes making your style more complicated to master?

Do you hate to shop?

How would you like to:

Get dressed with ease and confidence?

Open your beautifully organized and wearable closet with nothing collecting dust?

Feel chic + comfortable?

Never have to wonder again, “where is my favorite sweater”.

With over 16 years of personal personal styling experience for women, I would love to help you love what you wear.
I am down to earth +non judgmental + detail oriented.
1:1 style services for women are my specialty.
I promise to take the pain out of shopping. (You might even laugh during the process.)

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"Style not fashion"

Julie J.
Alexandra is a styling genius

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