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Vetted By A Stylist

The ultimate style directory of NYC from the perspective of a stylist.
Top insider resources so that you can solve any fashion emergency that may arise.
From the best handbag repair to custom shoes, speciality accessories, wellness, and beauty.
We got you covered.


Secrets of a Fashion Stylist

Is working as a fashion stylist on photo shoots and for celebrities a dream of yours?
Are you confused where to start?
This book will show you how to break into the industry and make your dream a reality.
Timeless strategies to get ahead and build a solid business as a fashion stylist.


Love What you Wear
{Mastering your style in multiple homes}

Love What You Wear book cover

Fabulous in ALL of your homes!
Sick of spending thousands of dollars on clothing you never wear?
Get dressed from ANYWHERE in the world.
Look and feel great and appropriately dressed to tackle your day.
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Closet Clarity Crash Course

Closet Clarity Crash Course

Is the chaos of your closet driving you crazy.
Short on time and money?
Get a fast infusion of closet clarity in this quickie version of the full course.
Detox your closet and get organized.


Closet Clarity

Closet Clarity Full Program

Is your style holding back your business?
Would you love to work with a personal stylist to get your closet in order refine your style but your budget is small?
This full course will get your closet from overwhelm to style joy in no time.
VIP upgrade option too.

Alexandra Stylist | Personal Wardrobe Stylist NYC

Alexandra Stylist | Personal Wardrobe Stylist NYC