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The Skinny Jean Controversy Follow Up

By | May 19th, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

Last week I wrote a post that struck a sharp cord with some about my dislike of skinny jeans and now feel based on the feedback that a followup post is necessary.

I am not trying to deny anyone their beloved skinny jeans

Or cover up curvy women’s curves.

In fact my work is about celebrating your natural curves.

The system I use to diagnose my clients has 48 different body types not 4-5.

You can’t dress a (short plus square) the same as a (tall thin square).
That would be like saying Nicole Kidman and queen of England should wear the same styles of dress. They are polar opposites!

The media likes to simplify shape analysis to 4-6 different types and that is totally wrong.

The reality is that it’s a more complex issue the they would lead you to believe.

And manufacturers and designers are doing us women a disservice when they offer or favor one silhouette.

What is trendy is often easy to find at the market place i.e. the department stores and shops.

So right now the pant silhouette that is dominating the market is skinny.

So my issue is really with the lack of choices.

Because we women come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, we should have a broader range of options.

Meaning more boot cut, more straight, more flare and more full legs.

Just more styles offered to us.

When you are armed with the knowledge provided to you by a personal stylist like myself you are able to make better style decisions for yourself and understand why things don’t work on your body.

This saves you tons of time in shopping so you only try on items that could work for you.

The point of this shape analysis information is so that you can trick the eye and create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Men are scientifically attracted to women with a certain hip to waist ratio and this system mimics this. Because only 8% of the US population is an hourglass shape, my work is about balancing out your body to get the look of an hourglass. But also factoring your height and weight so that you look balanced.

So for example if your hips are 25% or more less than your shoulder or bust we would reach for styles that add volume in your hip area. Details like pockets, pleating, drop waists, etc.

If you’d like to crack your own code to discover what pant styles will make your body look amazing schedule your complimentary style assessment call here.


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