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The 5 Layers of COMFORT How to be Comfortable and Chic

By | July 14th, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

I would say one of the top words that comes up when talking with my clients about their desired style is COMFORTABLE.

They put comfort above all else.

Yes they want to look elegant, chic, sophisticated, but most of all be comfortable.

While comfort seems like a simple enough request there are many different levels of comfort and I address all of them.

There is the first layer of comfort which is a physical feeling of comfortable.

Like is your skirt too tight?

Or is your dress itchy?

Or is the fabric soft and cozy?

The next layer is comfortable in the style you are wearing. 
Is it aligned with what you feel inside. For example, the boho dress might be pretty, but doesn’t feel like you.

And then there is the comfort layer pertaining to the world and how they perceive you.

Are you comfortable with the image that the world is seeing and perceiving of your image?

Are your colleagues respecting and hearing you? 

Are you making the impact on the world you want to?

For example you could show up to work comfortable in your Snuggie, but all of your co-workers are mortified.

And then the other layer is being comfortable in your own skin like when you are naked.

This one is an inside job.

I could find you the perfect dress that conveys the perfect message in the most perfect cut and color that feels comfortable to wear, but if you don’t feel confident to rock it, you are not going to shine.

And I want you to shine.

The question is, do you want to shine inside and out?

If you do why not explore us working together.

Sign up for your style assessment call here.

Can’t wait to help you get comfortable.


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