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Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

By | June 30th, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

This past weekend I was in Boston for a wedding and I snuck in some shopping time for myself.

This is a rare occasion and I was excited by the adventure.

Generally when I do shop for myself I know exactly what flatters my shape, coloring and features, so it’s a painless, easy and quick process.

This is a result of yes, being a stylist, but learning my own best colors and shapes when I went for stylist training.

I was in Carolina Herrera in the Copely Plaza poking around and found two stunning red dresses worth trying on. The added bonus was that they were on sale. Something which is nice, but I don’t let sway my decision. I make sure I ask myself if I could pay full price as a test.

So the sales girl said something while I was in the dressing room that ticked me off,

“The only rule I have is you have to show the dresses to me when you try them on”.

Like hell I do!
(My initial reaction in my head)

I chose to bite my tongue and stay silent.

Because I’m so honed in what is flattering and the exact image I want to show to the world, I’m really NOT interested in an outsiders perspective.

Especially a sales girl making a commission.

This sales girl doesn’t know me.

Doesn’t know if I even need this kind of dress.

Doesn’t know my lifestyle, my budget, or what I have at home.

In short she has no business giving an opinion.

If she where to really service she would ask questions to find out if it’s truly a good fit.

Bottom line.
I ended up sleeping on the decision and going back the next morning to get the dress.

When I want an opinion of an outfit or a dress I generally ask a friend or fellow stylist’s opinion. Or for fun I post something on facebook to my friends and followers who know me.

It’s fun to see who likes which dress but I don’t take other’s opinions as the last word.

I sit quietly with myself and go through my own gut.

My mental checklist:

  • Is it in my budget?
  • Will I wear it and love it ALOT?
  • What sort of occasions will it work for?
  • Is the color and shape amazing on me?
  • Does it convey the right image?

How does it FEEL is the primary factor.

And when I feel love, confidence and desire to dance.

I say YES to the dress.

I know this is totally working for me because during that sweltering hot shopping day dressed in my red and white striped belted skirted shirt dress I heard  an unsolicited comment from a woman in Copley Square,


Often when my private clients start working with me they don’t have a strong style compass and often feel overwhelmed by shopping and trying on new garments.

Step by step through the process one of the key principals they learn is to listen to the inner style voices within.

I am a trusted advisor and mentor in the process because I don’t make more money based on what you spend. I don’t work on commission and instead charge flat fees for the style makeover experience.

If you are ready to feel amazing in your clothing sign up for a style assessment call today.

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