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Hi I’m Alexandra, style expert+personal stylist since 2001 and this is my blog yes I write everything (except for the press pieces) sorry no guest posts nothing’s sponsored just my unfiltered opinion of where style, self care, and reality intersect.

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10 Ways to Look Younger and Blur Imperfections
As seen on GalTime By Katie Parsons What woman wouldn’t want to look instantly younger and blur any imperfections? When it comes to beauty choices, there are simple ways to erase the years. Make up: Andrea Ducharme is GalTime’s resident makeup expert and the owner of The Makeup Artists. For women to have youthful, fresh […]
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5 Ways to Instantly Appear More Polished
  by Kristen Gomez     We’ve all had one of those mornings. We bargain for an extra twenty minutes of sleep and then find ourselves without time to do our hair, much less our makeup. Or worse, because we forgot to set our alarm clock, we awaken right when we should be heading out […]
5 Reasons We Love Stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt
Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt is a trendy, elegant fashionista styling some of the hottest celebrities — like Jennifer Hudson and Antonia Bennett — as well as the everyday woman. Greenawalt lives in New York City, where she is expanding her styling business to help as many women as she can to feel more confident not only […]
Do I need a personal stylist?
Want to know if you need a style professional to help you with your projected image? Take this quick quiz: Here are a few solutions for you: ~Just need your closet tamed check out my CLOSET CLARITY PROGRAM ~Having a small style emergency check out my STYLE FLASH ~Need a complete style overhaul check out […]
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Recharge at Your Happy Place
You already know I’m all about STYLE, but I’m also all about EASE in life. And sometimes, not everything goes my way (the downside of reality, right?). When I need to pivot and feel better, I go to my “happy place.” Some of my happy places are closer than others. “The Mall” in Central Park […]
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Client Style File: Laura
{Watch the video to hear story} Laura’s point of view before working with me: “I am moving up in the professional world and am not confident I am putting my best foot forward in professional settings, especially in locations where the weather is hot all the time. I also feel that I would like to […]
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“It’s getting hot in here. I wanna take off all my clothes.” With over 100 degree temperatures in NYC, the clothing-optional water junkies at Harbin are sounding kinda smart right about now. Thought I would share my staying cool and looking cool tips with you: Synthetics don’t breathe, which is bad news this year because […]
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Packing for Summer Vacation
I’ve got packing down to a science. How about you? What I’ve been doing for my last dozen trips is tallying up what I wore – and what I didn’t wear – after I get home and begin to unpack. On the next trip, I only bring the things I wore. I also plan my […]
Last night I had a stylemare. A nightmare about my style. I was in the hairdresser’s chair; she had cut bangs and dyed my hair blonde. I was so unhappy, I was crying. I kept saying I hated it, but everyone else in the shop would say, “oh, it looks so good on you!” That’s […]
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Free Clothing Donation Pickup in NYC
I have a confession. After my big and long purge this Spring it has taken me awhile to get everything out of my apartment.  I sorted everything~donate, sell at Beacons, sell at Sta, give to cousin, give to friend’s daughter, give to makeup artist friend, and tailor. But it takes me longer to implement my […]

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