Dress Your Best – Podcast Interview With Alexandra

I was so honored to be one of Dr. Jeanette Graf’s inaugural podcast guests. We had a blast recording the episode and shared lots of laughs.

Host of Fab Skin, Hot Bodies with Dr. Jeannette Graf, distinguished dermatologist, groundbreaking pioneer of the anti-aging power of peptides, sought-after expert on inner and outer beauty, best-selling author of Stop Aging, Start Living, go-to media resource for cutting edge expertise on dermatology, cosmetic injectables, and skin science and top three most quoted dermatologists in print, in the country—Dr. Jeannette Graf does it all!

Here’s some of the points during the interview:

  • Difference between fashion and style
  • The most important piece of style advice
  • What types of clients I work with
  • My childhood style inspiration
  • How I became a personal stylist
  • What to do when you are only wearing 20% of your closet
  • Tips for detoxing your closet
  • How to get over shopping hangover pain (when you haven’t worn expensive items in your closet)
  • Why you shouldn’t detox your closet alone
  • Who you should pick to help you detox your closet to guarantee success
  • The craziest client story ever
  • Should naked styling be the future?
  • What happens to a stylist who visits a nudist community
  • My precise process to great personal style
  • How long does it take to transform your style
  • What to do with dated items in the closet?
  • My top recommendations for stylish sun protective clothing
  • Stay tuned for a special gift at the end

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the day.

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