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Are you wearing another person’s style?

By | June 2nd, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

I spoke with a potential client last week and she was sharing with me how much she hates shopping.

She hates shopping so much that when she needed outfits she would go shopping with her sister and her sister would tell her what to buy.

When she needed a bra, her sister would tell her which one to buy.

She was now reaching out me (a professional) because she had shopped, but was still only wearing 10% of her closet.

She felt that she was stuck in her yoga pants and envied other Mom’s who were able to pull of casual looks without sweat pants.

She wanted her basics to be better.

She thought she just needed her closet edited, organized and do a little bit of shopping.

She was feeling overwhelmed with her life and the idea of doing a whole ‘process’ sounded stressful to her.

On the surface she is totally right. But her issue is much deeper.

The root of her issue is that she never defined her own style clearly and was borrowing other’s style.

And she also didn’t know the full spectrum of what looked good on her.

Sure, she knew that halter tops looked good, but she didn’t know what colors suited her natural beauty or which pants styles were best.

What length her skirts and dresses should be.

What fabrics would best suit her shape.

How she can create an hourglass shape without having one.

The multiple necklines which work for her.

What shapes of dresses will make her look amazing.

She needs my Style Prescription. Which everyone I work with does.

It’s like a recipe for success.

I can see this clearly.

Can she? I can explain it but can she hear it?

Is she ready to solve her problem?

And is it a priority?

Side effects from my signature process include:

  • Showered with compliments from strangers and love ones
  •  Easy and fun to get dressed in the morning
  •  Fully prepared style wise for any sort of occasion that may arise
  •  Wearing everything in your closet
  •  Extra boost of confidence
  •  Close bigger deals
  •  Attract higher end clients
  •  Look amazing on your zoom conferences
  •  No need to panic when you get that media appearance

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