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Who are you dressing for?

By | June 9th, 2017 | STYLE TO LOVE

Just finished a google hangout to define a client’s best shapes + styles.

She is an intuitive healer who works by phone so she is not visible during her client sessions.

She explained that she didn’t feel she currently had a STYLE.

She was best dressed during her period of working in finance and that now living in Utah everyone hangs out in yoga pants and that as an intuitive she’s expected to show up dressed woo woo.

She admitted that none of these boxes feel right but that she would like to find a way to weave in all three and define her own style.

All of this got me thinking about how common it is these days for women to feel a bit lost style wise and with more and more women working from home and not seeing clients……

Who are we dressing for?

Who should we be dressing for?

Without a uniform, a dress code or clients we have to impress, then are we all destined to roll up in our pajamas?

And is that a good or a bad thing?

For sure we’ve gotten more casual as a society and COMFORT is the number 1 common desire of all of my clients.

Yoga pants have become more and more acceptable.

Even in wealthy communities like Marin north of San Francisco where everyone looks as if they’ve come from the gym but in an expensive car.

Angie Dickinson said famously,
“ I dress for women. I undress for men”

Well how about a different concept.

Dress for your own personal joy.

Dress to feel your own power and confidence.

Dress for you.

Maybe it’s influenced by Handmaid’s Tale currently on Hulu where all the women on the show have uniforms based on their position in the society.

Fertile women wear red capes and big white cone hats to stay isolated and controlled by the men and (barren) wealthier women wear green.

I wore a uniform in my first grade school and it felt like a punishment so seeing this show has made me re-engage with the pieces in my closet I love the most.

When a client puts on an amazing outfit, she feels amazing and has a spring in her step.

She walks a little different.

She interacts with people differently.

She meets more people and shows up for life in a different way than if she shows up in ratty sweatpants. (Where she would act like a wallflower).

My client Laura, after completing my signature program said to me,

“Every woman deserves to feel this GREAT”.

I so agree!

If you are reading this and feel that:

  • when you open your closet NOTHING feels like you or brings you joy
  • you feel out of alignment with who you are and what image you are showing to the world
  • getting dressed is a frustrating act
  • you don’t know how to get out of your style rut

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