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Hi I’m Alexandra, author + personal stylist since 2001.
Welcome to my blog where I write everything (except for the press pieces).
No guest or sponsored posts just my unfiltered opinion of where style and reality intersect.

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Style Truth Bomb Video: Less is More
By | May 18th, 2013

PRESENTING my Truth Bomb video series (trust me, it’s harmless) which is meant to be fun and informative.   Want to get out of the door quickly and stylishly? Do you own beautiful jewelry and accessories but realize that you never actually wear it? Do you forget what you have in your closet? Are your […]
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Style Video Interview Takeaways
By | May 15th, 2013

Lessons I learned when I started my style video interview series It all started during a conversation with Anne Samoilov. She had this idea to interview female entrepreneurs who have style that I find inspiring. It seemed the perfect way for me to build a Pinterest board, ask questions, and share our thoughts and challenges […]
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Anne Samoilov+Alexandra Style Video Interview
By | May 11th, 2013

Anne Samoilov is a full-time mom, business + launch strategist whose main goal in life is to simplify the so-called complex and difficult steps to achieving your dreams into simple, actionable steps. She’s also the creator of the White Space Solution book and creator of the revolutionary online training program Fearless Launching. Anne’s desired style […]
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Style Truth Bomb: one type of dress is bad for your style health
By | May 8th, 2013

What is the worst style of dress for your body??? One that will make you look heavier than you are? In this video I show you what doesn’t work and why. Tune in to see me poke fun+teach style principals. This video is made possible by the fabulous Ali Cocco!!
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Bella Magazine Interview
By | May 3rd, 2013

I was thrilled to be featured in this four page article in Bella Magazine‘s May 2013 issue. Click here to read the rest!
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Style Truth Bomb: Attraction isn’t always a good thing
By | May 1st, 2013

Have you ever come home with an item only to see in your closet you have 7 other just like it? Does it look so-so on you but you think it’s a wardrobe staple? This could be your fashion blind spot! Fashion magazines tell you must have in your closet a crisp white top? Don’t […]
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Alexandra + Michelle Rodriguez Style Video Interview
By | April 27th, 2013

Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, personal stylist at , author of Secrets of a Fashion Stylist and Vetted by a Stylist and creator of Closet Clarity interviews Michelle Rodriguez about her style and branding. Michelle is the founder Curious and Committed Programs by the Paid Stylist. In this video we explore the challenges of being an entrepreneur […]
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It takes a village to build a program
By | April 24th, 2013

Birthing Six Figure Style has been a process of a few years and has probably been the most challenging project I’ve taken on. Feelings of ‘is it good enough’ and ‘will it sell?’ surfaced a few times. But I have been able to push through and keep taking action. Everyday I would ask myself, ‘what […]
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Six Figure Style for Female Entrepreneurs Part 2
By | April 23rd, 2013

3 part series brought to you by Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt of Six Figure Style, Kendra Richards of Where Beautiful Things Happen, and Francesca Alexander of Social Global Grind. Professional Make Up Artist Kendra Richards shares tips for Entrepreneurial women I am going to begin by talking about a basic mindset before I even talk about […]
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Style Truth Bomb Debut Video: Focus On Fit
By | April 21st, 2013

PRESENTING my very first Style Truth Bomb (trust me it’s harmless) video which approaches the subject of the fit conundrum in the USA. If you’ve ever tried to navigate a big department store you may have been frustrated to attempt to know what size you wear across the board. This video series is meant to […]