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The real reason you are dreading that milestone birthday

By | June 16th, 2017 | STYLE

You are approaching a milestone birthday.

Everyone is excited.

Your family is excited.

Your friends want you to have a big party.

But you are feeling off.

You’re not sure why.

You know you have nothing to wear that feels like your “new age”.

Time is so fast, you often don’t realize how much it is flying by.

And as it’s flying by, you are changing in small increments.

You might be doing lots of inner work.

You might be taking life less seriously.

You might be letting go of your inner critic and caring less and less what other’s think of you.

But as you are settling into yourself, you may have let some other things go.

Maybe you’re bored with your hair?

When you open your closet you have that sinking feeling of nothing to wear.

Stopped making time to shop regularly?

Gotten frustrated with your changing body and unsure how to dress for it.

Kept your old clothes because you didn’t want to let go of the memories.

Until you saw a photograph of yourself or caught yourself in the mirror and was shocked by what you see.

What you saw in the photo or the mirror did NOT look the way you felt inside.

Inside you are cool, beautiful, vibrant, sexy and young.

And now you’ve began to notice that other people treat you differently.

Waiters call you MADAME.

After so many years of putting yourself last, isn’t it time to make time for yourself?

You can feel younger and more like yourself.

Without surgery!

One of the first steps in my signature program includes defining your desired style and discovering what will flatter your body, shape, features, and lifestyle.

Open yourself up to new inspirations and gathering them all in one place can help make a roadmap to the future.

Working with a personal stylist will help you:

  • align your style with your inner personality
  • stay age appropriate and look younger
  • find flattering clothing that makes you want to dance

And so much more!

If you’d like to see if it’s a fit apply now by scheduling your call.

I have room for ONE more VIP Style Weekend this summer.


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