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Hi I’m Alexandra, style expert+personal stylist since 2001 and this is my blog yes I write everything (except for the press pieces) sorry no guest posts nothing’s sponsored just my unfiltered opinion of where style, self care, and reality intersect.

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Packing for Summer Vacation
I’ve got packing down to a science. How about you? What I’ve been doing for my last dozen trips is tallying up what I wore – and what I didn’t wear – after I get home and begin to unpack. On the next trip, I only bring the things I wore. I also plan my […]
Last night I had a stylemare. A nightmare about my style. I was in the hairdresser’s chair; she had cut bangs and dyed my hair blonde. I was so unhappy, I was crying. I kept saying I hated it, but everyone else in the shop would say, “oh, it looks so good on you!” That’s […]
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Free Clothing Donation Pickup in NYC
I have a confession. After my big and long purge this Spring it has taken me awhile to get everything out of my apartment.  I sorted everything~donate, sell at Beacons, sell at Sta, give to cousin, give to friend’s daughter, give to makeup artist friend, and tailor. But it takes me longer to implement my […]
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Client Style File: Elle
Blond, petite, Canadian client, Elle, is in her mid 40’s. She travels with her husband on business. She approached me to help her with her style. She expressed a need for outfits for lunches, country club, and client dinners. But she is so fricken cool, cooler than you would think of someone who would be […]
Stylist secret resource-dress sheilds
My favorite stylist secret resource  is Dress shield by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. I’ve tried a few industry brands but this one is my favorite. And they have saved the day for me and my clients so many times over. Imagine you’re traveling or speaking and you are sweating like crazy but you can’t for some […]
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Interview by Francesca Alexander
I met Francesca Alexander of social Global Grind, # Hustle and Glow and AMP a few years ago at RHH LIVE in New York City. It has been mutual admiration society ever since. I’m sure you will fall in love with her and her work to help women become more visible online. Since meeting we have […]
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Learn how to look fabulous + feel comfortable
A Style Webinar Have you found yourself stuck in your yoga pants … feels so good, but you want to look more stylish+chic? Join me for the one hour Style & Comfort Webinar Change how you approach your style and remove the stress of getting dressed every day.   This was a blast! Watch the […]
When safe style can hurt you
This month I’ve been inside multiple closets of newly high powered women. They are women who have worked very hard and that hard work is paying off..but their closet has been left behind. And a common theme I’ve seen is that all of their closets had ‘safe bets’. There is a fine line between ‘classic […]
What style message are you sending?
While working with a client this weekend in her closet during a style/organization session she tried on one of her older pleated printed skirts. Shape and color wise it is good for her but when she tried it on..we both realized it didn’t sent the right message for her job. She looked pretty and feminine, […]
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Press~Why pink is red hot this Spring
As seen on By Katie Parsons This spring, pink is the color on everyone’s lips: Add bright pink, fuchsia, magenta and more to your home and wardrobe. New York City and San Francisco Bay-based personal stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt agrees that pink will be the color on everyone’s lips, and feet, this spring. “You […]

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