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True Gault pop up shop in NYC

By | June 30th, 2015 | Confessions

Are you wondering what happens at a True Gault custom shoe scanning party?

I first went to one a few years ago and it’s been exciting to see how the company has advanced their technology.


At the first party they had dozens of shoes that you would try on for fit. That is now not necessary. You step onto a disk wearing a special sock and a camera hooked up to a computer circling your foot and capturing its unique shape. There is no obligation to buy to get scanned so if you want to wait, the company will hold your scan in their database for possible future orders.

At the moment they offer 4-inch heels – their signature line, 2-inch heels, and flats. Boots are coming in the fall. They have a choice of 40 shoe styles and 140 luxury materials.

If you do want to order a pair of custom shoes on the day, you simply select the style and heel height on an iPad, choose your material and color, and in 6 weeks your shoes will arrive. In some cases, you will be required to do a second fitting with two pairs of shoes slightly different from one another. Based on how they feel they will make you a final pair that fits like a glove. For example, I had to do a second fitting and was told about 20% of women needed this extra step.

It’s a painless process and they guarantee fit. As a personal stylist I don’t know any other company that does that.

Up until now there hasn’t been that many scanning parties in NYC, but now they have a pop up location on the upper East side with multiple dates in July so your custom shoes are now more accessible.  It’s a fun atmosphere with drinks and nibbles. I’ve often had lovely conversations with other women at the scanning parties and find the whole experience to be not just fun, but also private.

True Gault pop up shop NYC

You could host your own True Gault scanning party and

True Gault now has their own permanent showroom in Manhattan.

You can visit them at Bene Rialto at 13 West 38th street around the cover from Lord and Taylor.

More info at True

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