Style Call

I’m so excited to speak with you personally to help you with your style. To better serve your current needs please fill out the following questions and accepted applicants will get a link to my calendar.

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  4. Do you have items in your closet that which still have the tags on?
  5. Do you have lots of beautiful clothing in your closet but not sure how to put them together?
  6. Have you spent thousands of dollars on clothing and accessories but don’t feel your wardrobe reflects your style?
  7. Do lack time to figure out where you need to shop?
  8. Do you miss or are late to events because you have ‘nothing to wear’?
  9. Are you ready to build a wardrobe the right way?
  10. Do you live in more than one place or travel frequently?
  11. When is your preferred session days? Weekdays or weekend?

How to hire the right personal stylist

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