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How to be warm and chic when it’s freezing

By | January 1st, 2016 | Confessions

Vintage Fur from my Mom

Chic when it’s cold?

I’m happily missing this weeks cold by spending the winter out west… Yes, I suffer from California-ism – the desire to be warm all the time.  Don’t hate me…you can join too.

I have learned that, to actually get outside when it’s freezing, I need to have cozy chic duds to inspire me to leave so here are my top tips for you this winter season.

Here’s my best go-to ways to stay warm: (Make sure you color coordinate your pieces which will be seen or you will look like Punky Brewster-I usually work around chocolate brown in the winter.)

  • Long underwear to wear under pants. Silk or wool: it’s really up to personal preference.
  • Super heavy cashmere tights. Make sure to check fabric content!
  • Full-length wool dress – I have one from Zaia in Paris that is so hot that sometimes I have to wear a lightweight coat.
  • Chic fitted turtleneck paired with a festive necklace or scarf.
  • Chic faux fur or real fur vest (make sure it’s waist-defining and doesn’t add weight in the middle region). My recent post on fur vests. One of my favorites is by Patrizia Luca, which is rabbit fur and very reasonably priced. Barami in New York city usually stocks them.
  • Show-stoppingly fabulous vintage fur coat to make an entrance to that party when it’s 10 degrees. Mine belonged to my Mother and it practically stops traffic and keeps me toasty. (Shown above)
  • Chic hooded layer
  • Full-length hooded down coat with waist definition and down content of 550+
    (Make sure the hood fits snug or it won’t keep you warm.) Postcard, Via Spiga, and Canada Goose make great ones. I was quoted in Smart Money regarding luxury coat shopping here.
  • Really warm socks like cashmere or wool.
  • Waterproof boots with fuzzy wool lining – My Timberlands aren’t lined yet work well for me, but note that plastic Wellies and Hunter boots will never keep you warm. And Zappos pays shipping both ways!
  • Gloves with either cashmere or fur lining. Sorry, PETA, but fur really keeps you warm. Also, hand warmers really help!
  • If you are prone to getting cold, you can also wear stick-on heat warmers. They make them for the buns, back, and tummy.


  • You lose so much of your heat through your head. If you bundle your head, neck, and feet, that’s a great foundation for keeping warm.


  • IGNORE earmuff, headbands, and hats that don’t cover your ears. They will do nothing for you in extreme weather.


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