Confessions of a (young) old fashioned girl / life *style* reality

Learn how to look fabulous + feel comfortable


A Style Webinar Have you found yourself stuck in your yoga pants … feels so good, but you want to look more stylish+chic? Join me for tips + strategies + designers to start looking your very best while still being comfortable. Change how you approach your style and remove the stress of getting dressed every [...]

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What style message are you sending?

this skirt makes my client look too junior for her powerful postion

While working with a client this weekend in her closet during a style/organization session she tried on one of her older pleated printed skirts. Shape and color wise it is good for her but when she tried it on..we both realized it didn’t sent the right message for her job. She looked pretty and feminine, [...]

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Press~Why pink is red hot this Spring

why pink is hot this spring

As seen on By Katie Parsons This spring, pink is the color on everyone’s lips: Add bright pink, fuchsia, magenta and more to your home and wardrobe. New York City and San Francisco Bay-based personal stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt agrees that pink will be the color on everyone’s lips, and feet, this spring. “You [...]

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9 reasons your clothing isn’t working for you

My first suit by Vivienne Westwood which made me feel like a million bucks everytime I wore it.

Are you ready for Spring? Are you 100% happy with your personal style? Is your visual brand in alignment with your style intentions? This year, while working with my clients, I realized that confidence is the main by-product of our time together. Also, I noticed that most clients don’t have confidence when they start working [...]

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Why did L’wren Scott take her life?

l'wren scott

I heard the news of L’Wren Scott’s suicide via twitter from @socialdiva feed and all I could think about was “ WHY? HER LIFE SEEMED SO PERFECT.” And it haunted me. The first article I read in AM New York had very little details except for the fabulous clients that she dressed and that her [...]

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Uggs Robe Styled as a Coat

uggs robe styled as a coat

The Uggs ‘robe’…I morph it into a car coat/dog walking coat/airplane cozy coat/lounge around the house robe. I love it and it’s amazing! Years ago, my good friend and PR maven, Diane Mantouvalos @andoniapr would always inspire me with her whisper thin/sexy tops. I found out that she was a huge fan of shopping in the [...]

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Chic+Comfortable Clothing Designers


As a personal stylist who works from Larkspur Marin county California and New York city I see a huge need for comfortable clothing resources(personally+observationally). So much of daily living is integrated with exercise + work intertwined so it’s often easier to workout + work in the same outfit or a derivative of the outfit. Marin county [...]

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The Most Important style principal to be comfortable in your clothing

Cashmere snood is ultra cozy by Poetry Fashion

After 13 years of personal styling work and consulting with women who shop Manhattan I can thread together common themes. And one of the things I hear over and over is, “ I want to be comfortable”. No one in all 13 years has selected to suffer for fashion on my in depth style questionnaire. [...]

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Lena Dunham rocks Vogue cover


“Negative tits”….that was the nickname given to me by my nemesis in high school. Next to her voluptuous, curvy body, it was difficult not to feel like the “awkward girl.” The year was 1990, and the curvy super models were all the rage. My body type was not celebrated until Kate Moss came along in [...]

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Alexandra in her beloved green Moth sweater coat.

Alexandra in her beloved green Moth sweater coat. Do you suffer from favorite-itis? Well, you’re not alone. I know I do and from what I’ve experienced, it’s running rampant…I know I do! Personally, I have my favorites in my wardrobe and then I wear them to death. I couldn’t live without them. But I never [...]

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