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More Info: The Paid Stylist Program

The Paid Stylist Program

  Click above for the *NEW* WEBINAR 5 major keys to building a successful personal styling business. with Alexandra Greenawalt+Michelle Rodriguez Want to find out my styling business secret weapon? Let me tell you my story… I’ve always been a lone wolf when it comes to business, always thought I was smart enough to figure [...]

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The solution to the high heel controversy at Cannes Film Festival


I’m sure by now you may have heard about the recent controversy at Cannes about a handful of women in their 50′s being turned away from the film festival ‘black tie’ festivities for wearing flats instead of heels. It turns out that most of these women were wearing them because of medical conditions on their [...]

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Out with the old – in with the new


Last week I mourned the loss of two gems here in New York. Both are included in my next book –  Vetted by a Stylist, which features NYC’s finest style spots. They are Magnolia Organic day spa and Fragments multi jewelry shop in Soho. I had been getting my organic facials at tiny/cozy Magnolia since [...]

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Less is more: how much do you really need?


I’ve spoken about the less-is-more concept before on my blog here and here. This spring I’ve become even more aware of how little of our stuff we actually need. Do I really need 6 different pots? Nope, just 2 perfect sized pots. And wooden spoons? How many things do I really cook at once? Oh and [...]

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Getting to the bottom of why we only wear 20% of our closets


Despite being a stylist I’ve never been much of a perfect folder. I never worked in retail where I had to perfect the perfect t-shirt fold. My own closets are reasonably organized but not anal. I’ve always wanted prettier, more perfect closets but haven’t invested the time or money. I’ve aspired to have my closet look [...]

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The Fastest/Hardcore Way to Get Rid of a Bursting Closet!


Spring is a time for rebirth, change, and more color! We come out of our winter hibernation and spring cleaning feels natural. As humans it’s easier and healthier for us to live harmonious with the seasons and that’s why you should never do a full juice cleanse in winter…yep those juice places never tell you [...]

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Here’s How to Keep Your Head Warm Without Totally Messing Up Your Hair

Blog Image - Hair Day

By: Abigail Thorpe Plummeting digits don’t have to mean the end of a good hair day. It’s a uniquely winter dilemma: choosing between a warm head and stylish hair. When the digits drop so low you can’t feel your ears, it’s natural to forgo fashion and pull out the hat. But hat head doesn’t have to [...]

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What I learned from dropping my cell phone down an elevator shaft

Alexandra Greenawalt

Yesterday, while I was coming back from meeting with a fellow entrepreneur in Marina Del Rey, I dropped my beloved  blackberry q10 down the elevator shaft. I was in total shock and in a bit of a panic because I’m not usually that careless of a person. I love my blackberry…yes you can make fun [...]

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How to Handle Changing your Style


Yesterday, as I was coming back from meeting with a fellow entrepreneur, I dropped my beloved Blackberry q10 down the elevator shaft while wasting time on my phone. Lesson learned… be more present and don’t text while traveling. I was in total shock and in bit of a panic because I’m not usually that careless [...]

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Healthy Style Habits

cozy sweats Mark Gautier

Do you have a “your version” of a wardrobe comfort food? A go-to outfit that you throw on more than you would like to admit? I was speaking to a potential client and she said she has a closet packed with beautiful clothing but she always throws on the same jeans and t-shirt outfit. Her [...]

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Leggings are NOT pants

Elie Tahari double knit pant

I was recently asked to comment on something crazy that’s going on in Montana. It’s about passing a dress code law that states “leggings are not dress pants” (read the full dress code law here). Now here is the thing, technically a legging is a cross breed of the tight with the feet cut off. [...]

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