Confessions of a (young) old fashioned girl / life *style* reality

Vetted by a Stylist


GOT STYLE EMERGENCIES? In desperate need to find a knockout dress? Got a hole in your favorite sweater and need it fixed? Hate your hairdresser and need a last minute stylist to come to you? You’ve got style problems I’ve got solutions! For the past 13 years as a fashion I’ve scoured New York City [...]

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More Info: The Paid Stylist Program

The Paid Stylist Program

  Click above for the *NEW* WEBINAR 5 major keys to building a successful personal styling business. with Alexandra Greenawalt+Michelle Rodriguez Want to find out my styling business secret weapon? Let me tell you my story… I’ve always been a lone wolf when it comes to business, always thought I was smart enough to figure [...]

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self care challenge

Self Care Challenge

#selfcarechallenge How do you change? Stay healthy? Bring more serenity and space into your life? Keep your body mind and spirit soaring? For the most part most habits are built over time…sometimes small steps are needed. This Self Care Challenge is just 7 days. Every day for 7 days you will get an image and [...]

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Bootcut Pants


Where have all the boot-cut pants gone?  Are you having trouble finding boot-cut pants? I know I am! Just this week I helped build a new wardrobe for a petite finance executive who prefers boot-cut pants. Then I get an email from a potential client in Australia who works in Hong Kong who is having [...]

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My first designer suit

My first suit by Vivienne Westwood which made me feel like a million bucks everytime I wore it.

 In college my Mom encouraged me to get my first job waitressing at Armani Cafe. It was pretty swank but I knew work would be in my future because my Mom kept saying to me, “you’re going to have to work”. She drilled it in like a sergeant! I decided if I was going to [...]

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Loving yourself… ALL of yourself

courtesy Desigual

This week I was working with a client and she brought an issue to the table… skin discoloration on her leg. My client wanted to know what to do about it, she currently doesn’t show the skin discoloration by wearing dark hose. I think she was looking for validation or my help to make her [...]

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Why pull-on pants aren’t just for old ladies

HUE Jeans

Admit it; the idea of pull-on pants makes you think of your grandma and Kmart right? I don’t blame you it’s something we’ve seen in the media. Hello Blanche!!! Well here’s the thing…. the idea isn’t that far off and I will tell you why.  It’s something the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know [...]

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7 Ways to Choose the Best Shorts for Your Body


    By: Julia Friedman @ PoolsOfJewels When I was in middle school, I had a favorite pair of shorts. They were made by Soffe, I believe, and they were the color of Pepto-Bismol. On one of the bottom front corners was a screen-printed image of a pair of ballet slippers, and when I rolled the waistband down, the phrase [...]

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The Denim Conundrum: How to Wear Jeans After 50


        BY NINA MALKIN Our generation invented jeans as a fashion statement so we own the right to wear ‘em, now and forever. But today’s denim trends offer a few too many ways for grown folks to look foolish. Here, expert advice to ensure that when dipping into the current jean pool [...]

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why I broke up with the fashion industry


When I got to NYC in 2001 all I was interested in was the fashion industry.  I was young so of course the weirder and more unwearable the better. But something changed in my middle years. I’m not sure when, but I think I just realized something wasn’t right after attending so many fashion weeks [...]

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The Ultimate Travel Wrap – Ioanna Kourbela


After staying in the Greek Islands for a while and honestly not seeing much special in the style department, I was beginning to think I would have to forgo the slated Greek artisan post. Then I came across an intriguing store in Chania on Crete called XAMAM and found a multi-functional wrap from my current [...]

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