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More Info: The Paid Stylist Program

The Paid Stylist Program

  Click above to Watch the replay of our LIVESTREAM WEBINAR (PROGRAM DETAILS HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND UPDATED SO PLEASE VISIT THE PAID STYLIST.COM FOR CURRENT DETAILS.) Alexandra Greenawalt+Michelle Rodriguez 7 major keys to building a successful personal styling business. Want to find out my styling business secret weapon? Let me tell you my story… [...]

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The Ultimate Travel Wrap – Ioanna Kourbela


After staying in the Greek Islands for a while and honestly not seeing much special in the style department, I was beginning to think I would have to forgo the slated Greek artisan post. Then I came across an intriguing store in Chania on Crete called XAMAM and found a multi-functional wrap from my current [...]

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Learn to Love Your Body


I’m in the dressing room with my private client and she apologizes for her bloated stomach and says, “it’s not me – this is not me” as she points to her pooch area as if it were a separate entity. My client admits that she’s been experiencing digestive issues and sometimes feels like a stuffed [...]

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Travel Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Sholdit in Peacock

  While traveling there’s always that dilema of hiding your money, passport or other small valuables safely. Some options such as the fanny pack, a thin belt that hides under your jeans or a neck pouch that hangs in front of your cute outfit are just not stylish. The solution? It’s called a Sholdit.  A stylish scarf [...]

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White Jeans Solution

HUE white jeanz

I don’t know about you but every time I go to purchase jeans I get super frustrated., and I with private clients it’s always a whole big deal. Lately I found an amazing solution… HUE As a kid I just knew Hue for their socks because my Mother’s friend Eve knew the founder. Now they [...]

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Ever Wonder How to Build a Business as a Personal Stylist?


      As seen on small business trends by Annie Pilon  Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt makes people look good for a living, as a personal stylist. It’s a job that plenty of girls playing dress up would love to aspire to, if they only knew it was an option. Greenawalt didn’t originally set out to [...]

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10 Ways to Look Younger and Blur Imperfections


As seen on GalTime By Katie Parsons What woman wouldn’t want to look instantly younger and blur any imperfections? When it comes to beauty choices, there are simple ways to erase the years. Make up: Andrea Ducharme is GalTime’s resident makeup expert and the owner of The Makeup Artists. For women to have youthful, fresh [...]

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5 Ways to Instantly Appear More Polished


  by Kristen Gomez     We’ve all had one of those mornings. We bargain for an extra twenty minutes of sleep and then find ourselves without time to do our hair, much less our makeup. Or worse, because we forgot to set our alarm clock, we awaken right when we should be heading out [...]

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5 Reasons We Love Stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt


Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt is a trendy, elegant fashionista styling some of the hottest celebrities — like Jennifer Hudson and Antonia Bennett — as well as the everyday woman. Greenawalt lives in New York City, where she is expanding her styling business to help as many women as she can to feel more confident not only [...]

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Do I need a personal stylist?

Alexandra can be your stylist

Want to know if you need a style professional to help you with your projected image? Take this quick quiz: 1. Is your closet bursting with clothing that just feels… ‘meh?’ 2. Does getting dressed in the morning take longer than it should because nothing feels right? 3. Do you miss quality time with your [...]

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Recharge at Your Happy Place

Alexandra's Happy Place

You already know I’m all about STYLE, but I’m also all about EASE in life. And sometimes, not everything goes my way (the downside of reality, right?). When I need to pivot and feel better, I go to my “happy place.” Some of my happy places are closer than others. “The Mall” in Central Park [...]

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