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See how Stephanie transitioned from corporate to spiritual advisor confidently

By | July 10th, 2020 | Client Style Files

When Stephanie Wild and I started working together she was working in corporate advertising as a copywriter and worried about looking ‘frumpy’ since wearing comfortable shoes was a must for her.

A single mother of two she had no lack of responsibilities on her plate.

She had just written her first book on Forgiveness and was planning to launch her business slowly while keeping her day job. She is a reverend and spiriritual advisor.

At work she felt like she had to conform to a look that didn’t feel like her.

Her wardrobe was filled with mostly black and what I would call invisible clothing. She was wearing a uniform of pants, top, and blazer to work. If you didn’t know her she looked a bit like a university professor.

She was hiding her true nature, but wasn’t even aware of it.

When we did our visioning for her future self and look we pinned images that were:
Goddess like

white clothing inspiration

For color I kept getting an image of white

And otherworldly.

We co-created her new look as the Empress.

During the Define process we found that her color palette was gentle autumn which was very different from the dark and deep and cool colors she was wearing. She was wearing the exact opposite of what her natural coloring dictated.

I also measured her and discovered that her shape craves stiffer fabrics and shapes that create an hourglass by adding subtle volume in the shoulder and hip area.

As we were uncovering more body information it was clear as to why she was worried about looking frumpy.

During the afternoon of her VIP weekend style makeover, I invited a celebrity hair and makeup artist to teach her how to apply her new color palette in her makeup routine and how to style her hair in a new way. She started wearing her hair more naturally curly to support her new style goals.

Then she had a bra and foundational fitting to make sure her clothing would look good from the inside out.

While she was having her fitting, I went to pull at a large department store so that the next day when she walked into her private VIP dressing room it was stocked with beautiful outfits to style her in her new look.

The shopping went smoothly and only took about 2 hours. There was relaxed trying on, tailoring, and styling outfits together. She walked away with a capsule wardrobe in the colors white, gold, and purple. Her branding colors.

Most importantly her new wardrobe felt ‘sparkly’ and worthy of an Empress.

stephanie wild after personal stylist

As she started to incorporate these new items into her work wardrobe she could feel a shift happening in her life.

And then she got fired at work. Stephanie shared that her boss was not liking her new look and felt her new power a threat.

She was stepping into her new role as a powerful Empress and business owner.

I shared with her that she is meant to serve others who are in need of her help and the universe just sped up the process for her.

2 days after getting fired she showed up for our Fall shop together. Stephanie was fearless and decided that she needed to complete to total makeover to redo her closet and style. I was so proud when she showed up for that day because she was basically saying, “I’m all in. And this is going to help me achieve my goals and be a business owner”.

We finished shopping for her closet. We edited the rest of the old version of Stephanie out of the closet.

Ordered her custom made gold shorties, got her new glasses and sunglasses that made her feel instantly confident.

Instead of hiding and wallowing. Stephanie is getting out there.

She’s walking with friends, promoting her business daily, attending art openings looking like a million dollars, and attracting the life she wants.

Stephanie is only a few months into her Year of Style with me but has already reaped the full benefits.

Want to hear how she feels about the process.

Watch this video here.

(If you don’t hear the audio, please adjust the volume settings in the lower right hand corner of the video)

If you are curious about having your own style total inner and outer style makeover apply for a style assessment call with me here.

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