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Perfectionism friend or foe?

By | October 5th, 2018 | Confessions

After returning from my yearly jaunt to Europe I needed to visit my dear grandfather whose health is declining.

I had very little time to unpack and repack for this trip. However I’ve packed for warm locales over and over so it’s pretty easy now.

The morning of my flight I got ready super early and quickly. Without noticing I put one dark silver sandal and one gold sandal on.

I left the house without noticing this fact before getting on the air train.

Wow I can’t believe I did this.

Well I can believe it because I’m not someone who fusses over my appearance.

I’m very direct and no nonsense about what I’m wearing. I’m confident in my style. So I had a moment of embarrassment because I thought about what my grandfather who is always put together would say.

He would probably laugh and my deceased grandmother would have mad a big stink about it and then would loan me a pair of her shoes (we wear roughly the same size).

I was curious to see the reaction.

Upon arrival our dear family friend Scott picked me up from the airport and made no note of it. And my grandfather also made no note of my two different shoes. I even went on a date in mis matched shoes and in 8 days NOT ONE person remarked on my shoes. I laughed to myself and it reminded me of something my book coach Angela Lauria used to say to me. “ No one is looking at your mustard”.

I told friends about the experience after and they thought that being a stylist I was just starting a new trend.

So next time you worry or fret about your outfit. Take a deep breath and think that no one is really looking as closely as you are. It’s important to look good and feel good but at the end of the day don’t stress about it.

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