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Are All Personal Stylists the Same?

By | November 9th, 2018 | Style TRUTHS

Personal stylist
In home stylist
Style Expert

Are these ALL the same type of style expert?

Recently in ads I’ve been seeing companies like MM.LaFleur and Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, and department stores refer to their ‘personal stylists’ which can help you select clothing.

With a 0$ styling fee.

As an independent personal stylist working here in NYC since 2001 this trend really gets under my skin.

For a couple of reasons. Stylists that are employed by a big company bug me because:

  1. They work on commission
  2. I can assure you that these ‘personal stylists’ are merely sales women for each company. They won’t recommend other brands or that you buy less than you have picked out.
  3. They have no idea what’s actually in your current closet. Beware of the statement, “you can never have enough pairs of black pants.” (This is NOT true as some women do NOT look good in black.. I am one of those women)
  4. Good for you if you know your style and you just need a few pieces.
  5. They are lacking in training in color and shape analysis.
  6. They will not help you edit your closet or help you make outfits with existing items in your closet.
  7. Can only show you outfits with their limited merchandise.
  8. Merchandise may be subpar quality or a result of slave labor.
  9. Are limited by the amount of time they spend with you.
  10. Are not looking at the full picture of your style – hair, makeup, skin care, optics, ect.

So what is the difference between ‘personal stylists’ working for a company and someone like me who has been helping women transform their lives and style.

What’s different about me?

  1. 18 years experience as an independent stylist and style expert, meaning my opinion is unbiased and not based on a commission.
  2. Spend a lot of time getting to know each client so I can help her best and translate her ideas into a cohesive professional style.
  3. Show my clients tips and tricks in the closet to stay organized.
  4. Trained and certified in color and shape analysis which means I understand the science of what looks good on you and why.
  5. I teach you about what is flattering for your body and coloring.
  6. I keep track of and document what you already have in your closet so we only build upon clothing that you already own.
  7. It’s in my best interest to save you money.
  8. I will tell you when something isn’t for you.
  9. We can shop together anywhere online or off and then created outfits with new and existing items.
  10. Create a master plan of what’s missing and what you need.
  11. Help in sticking to your new style plan.
  12. Define a unique style which makes you an original.
  13. Control over what companies you deicide to support.
  14. Great for women who need total style transformations and who are only wearing less than 20% of their closet.
  15. Helpful for women who are struggling to find clothing that looks good on them or have trouble verbalizing their style.
  16. I can recommend and bring in other services and vendors to complete your style makeover.

So after seeing the differences have you figured out which route is right for you?

I specialize in top to bottom inside and out style makeovers that are permanent.

I have a 95% success rate because I’m selective about who I work with.

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