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Real Runway Presentation

By | July 19th, 2018 | Confessions

Growing up I had 3 examples of style inspirations in my life.

My mother, godmother and grandmother.

All three were channels of beauty in their own unique way.

I learned you could be beautiful at any size, coloring, and style.

Fast forward to 15 years into personal styling for women.

10:30am I am scouring Barney’s for outfits for my sophisticated client named Kim who works at a top museum. Her style is classic but edgy and cool. She’s stunning in her late 40’s and is about a size 8-10.

And I’m coming up with next to nothing for her in the department store.

A department store.

Not a boutique.

Edgy lives here but not much in size 8-10. Which is not a difficult size for me to dress.

And it’s not even size 14. Why is this so hard?

Well this store doesn’t stock a lot for women out of the range 0-4.

And that’s just crazy.

This is why I created the real runway.

Out of anger and frustration.

I want to show retailers that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and deserve to be able to buy beautiful and unique clothing.

There are more than one beauty ideal.

So let us YOU, real women.

The Real Runway means is about size and style inclusiveness.

Above is the second Real Runway event hosted by Convene in the One World Commons, 64th floor of One World Trade Center.

Style Makeovers for Lauran, Ellen, Nisha, Alanna, Estela and Krista.

Sponsored by Reiss, LK. Bennett, and Kate Spade.

Special thanks to Carlie DeMello who makes all the magic happen.

Join the #realrunway movement and host a style presentation for your women’s initiative network at the office. Contact us here>> 



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