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Style Truth Bomb: Attraction isn’t always a good thing

By | May 1st, 2013 | Confessions, VIDEO

Have you ever come home with an item only to see in your closet you have 7 other just like it?

Does it look so-so on you but you think it’s a wardrobe staple? This could be your fashion blind spot!

Fashion magazines tell you must have in your closet a crisp white top? Don’t listen to trendy fashion magazines..yes I said it..they don’t have your best interest at hand.

For me as a 7th grader in the 80’s I was very inspired by punk, Madonna, bright colors, and black. I very much gravitated to bright fuchsia and head to toe black.

Right after college when I got my color analysis certification I came to the hard realization that those colors were doing nothing for my face AT ALL. In fact I looked downright half dead. So I started the long process of weeding black out of my closet (luckily I had kept my fuchsia obsession mainly to my mind)

So this video explores the challenge we women go through when we are attracted to something which isn’t so good for us (like a bad boy boyfriend).

I hope you enjoy this style truth bomb video and please share it with your friends.

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