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Style Video Interview Takeaways

Lessons I learned when I started my style video interview series

It all started during a conversation with Anne Samoilov. She had this idea to interview female entrepreneurs who have style that I find inspiring. It seemed the perfect way for me to build a Pinterest board, ask questions, and share our thoughts and challenges of “life in the digital fast lane”. Anne got excited and I thought I had struck on something. I heard excitement in her voice and thought why not ask her to join me.

After 4 fabulous interviews and a wonderful start, I’ve seen some common issues. Here are some nuggets of truth I’ve learned about the process:

1. Asking is free

~I admit, I was a little afraid to ask anyone for anything, especially their time. But, I started out small, with women who I trusted. These women knew me, and had been champions of my vision since we met so I felt safe. What I realized was that these women were actually excited, enthusiastic, and flattered. It stopped being scary pretty quickly.


2. You never know when you might learn something
~In my interview with Kate Northrup, she offered a very great tip about having a really nice wallet or place to put your money which signifies respecting yourself. I’m always learning something new!


3. Women want style to be easy
~And they want it all! If it’s complicated, they don’t want to fuss with it. And, they won’t.


4. Comfort is key!
~All women really want is to ultimately feel comfortable in their look and clothing.


5. When selecting your brand, colors factor in:
What looks good on you!
What looks good on video/tv/screen!
What sends the right message!


If you missed them here are the video style Interviews with:
Kristen Arnett
Michelle Rodriguez
Anne Samoilov
Kate Northrup

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