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Hi I’m Alexandra, author + personal stylist since 2001.
Welcome to my blog where I write everything (except for the press pieces).
No guest or sponsored posts just my unfiltered opinion of where style and reality intersect.

A Caravan Hawaiian Birthday without the Jet Lag
Last night I attended one of the wackiest birthdays ever. A blog ( was built for the invitation, Obama was invited, grass skirts were worn in new ways, rice crispy treats were formed as Jesus on the cross, umbrellas were brought for drinks, trailer park turtle treats were served, I had the best lei, and […]
Toe Tapping at the Astaire Awards
My fabulous makeup artist friend Michiko ( hooked me up big time with a ticket to the Fred Astaire Awards at FIT this week. She was hired to do makeup backstage and ended up doing makeup for Alan Cumming who was hosting and wanted a smokey eye and Liza Minelli (who just wanted a little […]
CULT DIVAS Abby and Tori
So I was excited to return to the Cooper Square Hotel Rooftop Penthouse as it’s my new ‘hot shit’ place and I was even more elated to attend “THIS IS A HOLD UP!” Hosted by slapstick/improv dramatic diva’s Abby Pope and Tori who are raising money and awareness for their film, ‘The Hunt for Good […]
A fab fresh face
I get so many compliments on my skin that I’ve decided to post my face secrets. This is dedicated to you SJ!I’ve always been into organic products for my face. Here is a list of my favorites. After much label reading I break it down. Kiss my face makes a wonderful exfoliating cleanser from rickysAvalon […]
officially over old skool
I love an old skool DJ. In fact my friend Paulie who is a member of the band Leigh-Ra is an amazing vinyl 80’s DJ in his spare time and graces us with his presence at the PH in the sky. Madonna, Belinda Carlyle, Stereo MC’s, Michael Jackson, and even Tiffany. Hello he’s like amazing […]
Hot shit in the sky
Anyone who lives in New York City knows the value of outdoor drinking during the summer months. I’m over the Empire Roof deck hotel even though they are promoting the hell out of it. Can’t say I was impressed by the ‘terrace’ at the Rivington Hotel (really just a sidewalk). Totally non-plused about the ‘BBQ’ […]
Golf and Scotch
Two years ago I was going to Fashion events about 3-4 times a week. I met photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, publicists, gay fabulous fashionistas, And I wondered why I was single? So since moving into the city I wanted to go in a new direction socially. My favorite hobbies are very girly/independent-horseback riding, swimming, […]
have bridal hair, need groom
One of my best girlfriends is infinitely talented in the hair/makeup department ( and I have been lucky enough to know her from my williamsburg days. She occasionally needs a hair model as she has been hunting for the right bridal avenue to offer her services. I always offer with glee-free fabulous hairdo-YES PLEASE! It’s […]
A sexy apron?
Ok Ladies and those who want to be Ladies, do not forget the s after smock or you will get a blog dedicated to kittens..I discovered this amazing company by Kelley Culp who makes stylish aprons ( They are o so affordable $35-$45 and have the potential to spice up your love life in the […]
Mad Madonna
I was one of those girls who worshiped Madonna in junior high. I played dress up with lace leggings and she was my icon every single day. I’m also one of those who loved her so much could recite her lines from the Will & Grace episode but that’s another blogpost…I am so sad to […]