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The Current Reality of Craiglist postings for biz

By | July 20th, 2009 | Uncategorized

I’m not sure when exactly Craigslist jumped the shark, but it’s definitely in another continent right now. With all the murders and personal ads looking for ‘friends with benefits it’s gotten a bad reputation. My makeup artist friend swears by finding good jobs in fashion. So every once in awhile I would search ‘fashion stylist’. Most of the listing were obviously unpaid or ‘tfp’ aka ‘trade for prints’ but I found myself skeptical/excited about a post for a pilot TV show that was looking for wardrobe stylists and designers. I’m used to most craigslist’s emails to be unanswered but this one responded with a meeting time of Thursday 1pm and to be on time! I showed up a few minutes early only to realize I don’t even the name of the company I was visiting. Ushered through a freight entrance into a mini boite with defunct disco ball there was more adventure to unfold. The air was stagnant-no AC and other interviewees all sitting on benches silent. I felt out of place being one of the only Caucasian in the room. Obama is leading this new trend. We wait and wait and wait. The host- Rafael Benito obviously waiting on the rest of the crew. No organization or table set up, their crew finally gets their ‘s%$t’ together and leads us upstairs. The ‘producer’ we are told is Jay Ellis who produced Gloria Gaynor. To our knowledge he has no experience in the TV world but the most important thing is for us to believe in the project. Wearing black track pants, black t-shirt, shaggy dyed hair, and a permanent mini cigarillo in his mouth as he mumbles his spiel it becomes obvious that this relict left his brain in the 70’s from dropping acid. He’s also in bad need of a makeover, which would be a big undertaking. We are told the show will be a reality show taking place in this club and will be featuring gay and bisexuals and that several networks are interested because he has so many contacts in the world. Yeah and I can fly. Funny I run into another stylist I know from the scene whose publicist sent her to this casting. She leaves pissed off before getting interviewed. Despite the fear/bad feeling in my stomach I stick around just to see what happens. The ‘producer’ tells us the most important thing is that we ‘believe’ in the show and that it will makes us ‘hot’ in the industry. The pilot is an unpaid job and he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that budgets are needed to accomplish wardrobe for film. He also doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a wardrobe stylist and a designer or have any interest in looking at any of our portfolios. We are asked if we are ‘in’ because apparently they are taking any and all stylists that will have the project. I retort that they are going to have to cast the talent to avoid having ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’. They admit that ‘something will be worked out’. After a disorganized meeting with several minions who seem to understand the business a little bit more I shake hands and thank them for my time. I wouldn’t work with these wakadoodles if they paid me….The sad thing is that I left behind 3 stylists who were on board. It seems in this crazy economy some are taking advantage.

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