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Ms Webb….I’m ready for my closeup

By | July 21st, 2009 | Uncategorized

Last night I participated in the filming of potential pilot for a possible television show for Bravo. My love coach girlfriend ‘the love fairy’ sprinkled her magic dust all over my aerie abode and today I can feel it working. And I have also seen Elizabeth’s style transformation (she’s looking hot and colorful) happen with a little help from moi.
But boy let me tell you the behind the scenes of a taping is an interesting show. The whole 3 hour evening will be edited down to 3 minutes!
I always wish the cameras could capture every last morsel of the evening. But that’s what reality tv does right? It’s natural that we would be nervous on camera and then total relax and dirty dish when they’re off. Now that Sex and the City is no longer what show better to take it’s place? Who doesn’t need a little help in the love department?
We all agreed to put in our release form NOT FOR NATIONAL TELEVISION AIR. There is a reason why I haven’t applied for the bachlorette. I don’t want to be on television showing my dating dirty laundry but it’s fun to dish on a blog…I guess I’m a conflicted, complicated, old fashioned girl. Yes I’ve said that already…
The filming crew (ironically called Disposable) was about 7 hipsters and the equipment was crazy. The lights, the cords, the cameras, the mics, the rearranging of the apartment, the many questions-it was an exciting circus. The talented and beautifully UK accented Lauren Whitworth was onset to ‘jussh‘ our makeup which I was quiet pleased with a little bump up of glamour. As I was part of the filmed show, managing the location, providing candles, platters, light stylish props, and on hand for style questions it was busy. The set up was what took the longest and in downtime the uber knowledgeable Donna Sonkin explained the scientific behind cellulite and how getting healthy makes you thin. Nothing was scripted on our part and the format was a casual ladies night dish about dating with Elizabeth Webb guiding us, encouraging us, educating us in the best ways to navigate dating in NYC. My favorite part was the bon bon=short lived boy toy fling metaphor. There was cheese, champagne, and bon bons to nibble on during the taping but none of us wanted to be seen eating-we’re such girls. My champers glass was filled with sparkling water and did end up on my dress at one point due to excitement. It was a party but nothing got broken.

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