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Hi I’m Alexandra, author + personal stylist since 2001.
Welcome to my blog where I write everything (except for the press pieces).
No guest or sponsored posts just my unfiltered opinion of where style and reality intersect.

Polo in the Hamptons
Really is there anything more glamorous than the Mercedes Benz Polo VIP tent Saturdays in the Hamptons? It certainly is a great opportunity for many corporate sponsors-pop chips, and teak furniture, stoli vodka….but NO CHAMPAGNE….say what! Why go??? For the people watching…for the polo match which no one watches. I spotted a few of the […]
Jetted up on the scooter to see a screening of Isaac Mizrahi’s Unzipped. Really I bought my ticket because my ‘fairy fashion godfather’ Harold Koda left his Maine summer house to moderate the conversation with Isaac and his coworker. I had seen the movie before but it was so much richer in the auditorium filled […]
Ms Webb….I’m ready for my closeup
Last night I participated in the filming of potential pilot for a possible television show for Bravo. My love coach girlfriend ‘the love fairy’ sprinkled her magic dust all over my aerie abode and today I can feel it working. And I have also seen Elizabeth’s style transformation (she’s looking hot and colorful) happen with […]
The Current Reality of Craiglist postings for biz
I’m not sure when exactly Craigslist jumped the shark, but it’s definitely in another continent right now. With all the murders and personal ads looking for ‘friends with benefits it’s gotten a bad reputation. My makeup artist friend swears by finding good jobs in fashion. So every once in awhile I would search ‘fashion stylist’. […]
Free Hamptons?
What is the hidden cost of a free place to stay in the Hamptons? Several times this summer I have been invited to stay at single guy’s homes in the Hamptons. These are men who I know in a limited capacity. It boarders on inappropriate because I know what their agenda is. But hey can […]
Private Ping Pong
In New York, it’s all about the private clubs. Shhhhh…..ladies this is wonderful spot filled with 2/3rd men and 75% single. Hurry since memberships are very reasonable and it’s still not officially open. SpiNyc (http://www.spinyc.com/) is a private ping pong club in the lower level of 304 Park Avenue South. Entrance is on 23rd and […]
Sundays in the Hamptons
Sunday afternoon we’re at The Chateau (shabby chic delapitated shack with direct bay beach access) in Hampton Bays hosted by a charming group of europeans. One red hot architect serves up a true argentinean bbq. First hamburguesas, skirt steak, and then sirloin. After sating ourselves I wryly added, ” I think I need some more […]
Red Hot Wedding Dress
I just realized where I the seed for my red wedding dress came from. I’m watching Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms on DVD, which I watched when I was in high school. I was obsessed with it and even recorded it on the vhs. I loaned the tapes to my best friends brother and he never […]
Small Pond… Big French Head
This is how small of a pond New York City is. I’m at a loft party on friday in the flatiron. I see a cute dark haired friendly frenchie. He introduces himself to my girlfriends and I. Later I realize he looks really familiar so after climbing over a sofa (I wouldn’t recomend this move […]
A Caravan Hawaiian Birthday without the Jet Lag
Last night I attended one of the wackiest birthdays ever. A blog (http://hawaiianbirthdaytrip.blogspot.com/) was built for the invitation, Obama was invited, grass skirts were worn in new ways, rice crispy treats were formed as Jesus on the cross, umbrellas were brought for drinks, trailer park turtle treats were served, I had the best lei, and […]