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Small Pond… Big French Head

By | June 21st, 2009 | Uncategorized

This is how small of a pond New York City is. I’m at a loft party on friday in the flatiron. I see a cute dark haired friendly frenchie. He introduces himself to my girlfriends and I. Later I realize he looks really familiar so after climbing over a sofa (I wouldn’t recomend this move in a dress) I ask him and his conceited reply is, “I was on mtv” Nope Superstar-in-your-mind I don’t have cable so that’s not it. We’re talking about fashion and he non-chalently adds that he owns a famous local fashion designer, I won’t say who. She’s from Marin county like me, went to Paris and really broke out when she made a film with Ellen von Unwerth and Kirsten Dunst to promote her line. Back in the New York she has been the toast of the town and even did a line for a big discount store. Now the real dish comes out, he’s been not just her financial half but her beau and now they are on the outs. He tells me he’s selling the line because they are breaking up. I guess too many flashbulbs from Patrick McMullen does not make a happy couple. He seems a little sad to me. When I go to bid adieu he makes a motion like punching buttons on his hand. I’m guessing he’s asking for my number lazy foreign man style. I give him my card and he plants a nice smooch on the lips. Cheeky one also grabs a feel/cuddle and remarks, “you’re skinny!” Not sure what to do with that one but his lips were very pillowy. A week later I’m looking over pics on facebook from the Hamptons and see that we were at the same pool birthday party the previous sunday. See, I never forget a face…not even a player’s.

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