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Last Hamptons Weekend

By | August 29th, 2009 | Uncategorized

My last weekend in the hamptons this summer was cheapie chic. Stayed in Cass’s house of and it was it’s usual ihop experience (international house of partyers). French, sweedish, british, pakistani, italian, you name it we had the language spoken. It was a refreshing change from the other house that I was staying in that was pretty all white bread american. Polo on Saturday I decided had finally jumped the shark in my books because I spotted the fashion gate crasher there. He’s an older guy who is famous for gatecrashing fashion parties and shows in head to toe outlandish outfits. He only gets in because his outfits are so awful/amazing-head to toe neon was his choice for polo and I’m not sure why. Due to the Softball match the same afternoon there were zero celebrities and no champagne so it was a total…why bother???
The rest of the weekend was pretty fab with a massive bbq, volleyball on the beach (which I pitched in by watching), walks into town, and as usual some romantic interest. My RI for the weekend is my italian guest-a lawyer from milan who when I found out is actually still legally married held no interest for me. That didn’t stop him from cozying up or trying to take me out to breakfast. Can’t say I blame him but really he’s not going to get past the front door as I’m no husband snatcher. More to reveal later…

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