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Spanikopita, Style, and Politics

By | August 28th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Wish I could say I have a picture from last night but it’s un-pc to be a shutterbug around a person with 2 permanent personal body guards. At last nights’s dinner hosted by my new extended greek family the guests of honor were FW de Klerk (former president of south africa) and his wife (who is related to our hosts and therefor remotely to me?) Wow not sure how…. but I had a wonderful evening and when FW and his lovely wife found out my metier they started downloading their fashion issues-everything from custom shoes made in london providing blisters to not being able to wear a shirt with a tie because of lack of neck.At first they asked for my card and then the wife after explaining there wasn’t a shop she didn’t like told me she would never hire a stylist in the end promised to call me when in New York. See everyone has body/clothing issues. We ate alfresco overlooking the sea and were served so many greek delights. What was surprising is that although desserts were bought from the finest bakery hardly anyone touched them. It was a late dinner but coincided with the feeding of the twins. I love to see how the greeks juggle it all. They make it look so easy but they do have an amazing live in staff of help. Another day in paradise.

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