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Lights Camera Champagne

By | October 9th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Back in the big apple. Back to my posh life right? I missed fashion week but was invited to the very glamorous Porsche/Vanity Fair Party at Skylight studios in downtown Manhattan. Luckily for me and my wing-girlfriend we were treated to pre-recession opulence in a swinging 60’s glamour scene. We avoid the red carpet because we are so anti having the paparazzi snap our picture in front of a logo ed backdrop-she’s private because she’s in the media and I think low key is the new bold cool move. But accept a glass of champers aka Veuve Cliquot (which is the real deal pour from the bottle-not like that fashion party I went to where they displayed a magnum Veuve but poured the fake stuff-the horror!) and start to zig zag through the exhibit. This is truly a party/exhibit to pimp out Porsche. They clearly want to show that their design history is museum worthy. My favorite was the new Panamera they are enrobed in thousands of hologram stickers attached as an art piece. (Stickers bring me back to 5th grade) Staff were the best looking bunch of the lot and the most charming. There were actual waiters whose sole job was to pick up empty glasses but also bring you a new glass of whatever struck your fancy. The icing on the cake were the delectable doll sized hors d’oeuvres which were truly works of art. The size of my thumb but ohh so scrummyfillet mignon with a toothpick dollop of onion creme on mini round toast, smoked salmon ‘cake’ with tiny layers of cream cheese and green paper thin soft tortilla all in cut into tiny rectangles, Parmesan hot pudding domes on a cracker with micro tomato (sounds weird but the butter and cream made them addictive) mini summer rolls (my personal fav). After speaking with a rep from Porsche about the car I asked about the food and he said during the tasting they had decided the most important factor was that they were one bite not too. Leave it to the brand of a German car to get the details done with flourish, style and taste. Who were the taste makers you ask?
Amongst the Porsche clientele-older, white, more suburban were fashion editors and the occasional celebrity. Gretchel Mol the actress was there in a cream mini dress that in person added volume around the hip area-why would you want that bigger?, black tights, and black bootie heels. Bai Ling was posing in pretzel like contortions in front of one of the cars and a gaping crowd that I was questioning her celebritydom. I’m sure there were others but we were mostly on the hunt to meet new and interesting people of the masculine nature.
When we left we were given gift bags with the usual plus a book and key touting the Panamera Car. I’m just wondering about this key that looks like it would open a Porsche does that mean mine is around the corner waiting for me or am I supposed to wear this as a necklace for luck??

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