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How to stand out on Skype
By | October 23rd, 2013
Now that my online presence is growing, I’m doing more and more communication via skype and google hangout.. (plus, I’ve got a new beau who lives on the west coast and travels a lot). So, in both my personal and professional life, this has become a major part of my communication forum and let me […]
4 Essentials to Promoting Your Business Online
By | September 21st, 2013
This week I had the honor of co-hosting a webinar with the lovely and talented Tracy Matthews; eco-luxury custom jewelry designer and co-founder of the program Flourish and Thrive for budding jewelry designers. We dove into the topic of four essential principals to promoting your brand online with style and integrity. 4 tips to promote […]
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Why hire a personal style strategist?
By | August 31st, 2013
“Why would I hire a stylist?” I got this question last week by a potential client so I thought I would answer it for all. There are many reasons that a woman or man might want to hire a personal stylist, and I’m here to share some of the most common reasons I’ve come across […]
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Body Shapes: One Size Does NOT Fit All
By | August 24th, 2013
I recently got a call from the Huffington Post Live to talk about women’s body shapes in a live panel. I didn’t end up agreeing to be on the segment because there wasn’t enough notice to get my look on. As a stylist, of course I’m really careful about how I appear in the media. […]
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Cheap, Fast Fashion: How to Avoid the Trap
By | July 27th, 2013
I’m a bit late to the party reading Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline, but it moved me so much I wish I’d read it sooner. The book raises valid points about the trouble with our American culture and how we view/shop for clothing. We have become mega-consumers of low-quality goods, […]
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Slimming Secrets: A Pinterest Board
By | July 20th, 2013
Some posts are best served as visual boards.   And this is one of them.   As a stylist I have an arsenal of slimming secrets. Here are a few with some pics…   Why not come and join the Pinterest party with me?   CHECK OUT MY 5 TIPS TO A SLIMMER LOOK  
Maxi good for your style?
By | July 5th, 2013
Here’s the thing about the maxi dress…I used to be very opposed to it because I saw so many women on the street abusing the maxi or just wearing a maxi which made them look pregnant when, unfortunately, they weren’t knocked up.   The maxi is a lot of fabric and a big print maxi […]
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When you just want to wear sweats every day..
By | June 15th, 2013
This year has been a challenge and I’m putting it lightly. For several years, my energy level had been slipping away slowly and daily life felt impossible to function. I would wake up exhausted and I would get worse throughout the day. I knew something was wrong, just not “what IT was…” From an outside […]
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Style Truth Bomb Debut Video: Focus On Fit
By | April 21st, 2013
PRESENTING my very first Style Truth Bomb (trust me it’s harmless) video which approaches the subject of the fit conundrum in the USA. If you’ve ever tried to navigate a big department store you may have been frustrated to attempt to know what size you wear across the board. This video series is meant to […]
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Bodies change–So deal with it!
By | July 27th, 2011
“I’ll have this ______________ FOREVER”   That was the rationale I told myself for EVERY purchase I made as a teenager. I was a Village mall rat in junior high, and I’m here to tell you that this thinking is TOXIC! My great grandmother would roll over in her grave. She was a waste-not-want-not get-the-mayonnaise-jar-scraped-clean […]

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