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Bodies change–So deal with it!

Art by Cecilia Parades

“I’ll have this ______________ FOREVER”


That was the rationale I told myself for EVERY purchase I made as a teenager. I was a Village mall rat in junior high, and I’m here to tell you that this thinking is TOXIC!

My great grandmother would roll over in her grave. She was a waste-not-want-not get-the-mayonnaise-jar-scraped-clean kinda gal.

Older generations were taught that resources were scarce. Despite the recession, we still live in times of abundance. (Look how many iPads were sold the first weekend of its release to market!)
The idea that we should wear something forever is demented because it implies that we will be the same size, shape, and person in 20, 10, or even 5 years. We evolve and change, and that is natural.

It is completely normal for our bodies – especially women’s bodies – to change at LEAST every five years. I have seen that a client’s body shape can change from a triangle to a rectangle due to hormones, health imbalances, workouts, and/or stress.

Curves on the body may come and go. It’s a big part of life, and we should EMBRACE, EXPECT, and ACCEPT change. So I invite you to re-examine how you see clothing. Yes, it’s important to be conscious in your spending, but it’s also important to recognize that nothing lasts forever. Things get old, they pill, we spill, we sweat in them, and our styles change.

I do preach quality to my private clients, and it goes hand-in-hand with sensibility. There’s a fine line between an investment piece and a waste of money.

So, what should you invest in? Read SAVE vs. Splurge to find out..

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