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The ‘feeling fat’ dress:

By | June 24th, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

the dress I bought from Nordstroms

You would think that a fashion stylist would ALWAYS feel stylish and would never be challenged by what to wear, right? WRONG. Last Saturday I had my monthly visitor and was feeling a bit bloated. Totally normal, I know.

I was scheduled to attend a dinner party with powerful and fabulous women. I saw it as a fun event but also recognized the potential for new clients and client referrals. I knew I had to put my best stylish foot forward, but I was having trouble selecting a dress to wear.

I realized that my pooch (although completely normal) was throwing me off base. Luckily, I had a dress that I had recently purchased (see pictured) and had not yet gotten tailored. I put it on, and it hid all hints of a pooch. I layered on accessories and was out the door. Despite feeling not-so-hot internally and contemplating canceling on my friend, my outfit was able to elevate my mood.

The evening turned out to be an absolute delight. I made two new friends and got a few compliments on my outfit, and overall the night made me feel SO much better. I’ve been thinking about that dress and how as a woman it’s necessary to have my what I call a “I’m feeling fat” dress. Often this “feeling fat” isn’t a physical reality but is probably due to small five-pound weight fluctuations that are 100% normal (and, by the way, that other people don’t see). The idea that we will all stay the EXACT same weight ALL of the time is destructive thinking. I invite you to anticipate and embrace change in your body.

We all need an arsenal of outfits, and part of that wardrobe should allow for changes in our bodies. Just as I teach my private clients of all sizes, I invite you to shop for that one dress that will give you a bit of leeway in the middle and help you get out the door when you’re feeling only 60% hot.

One key is to look for a dress in a slimming color such as navy, brown, gray, or an interesting print. Look for details like ruching, belly cross draping, and wrap features that help conceal a little belly.?Or, try an energizing color that elevates your mood and flatters your features.

No matter what details your “feeling fat” look has, make sure the outfit makes you feel absolutely beautiful!
P.S. I invite my clients to “party where they’re at” so I work with women of all sizes and stages of weight loss. But if the pooch is the tip of the iceberg and you are sick of stringent diets, check out Jena LaFlamme. Her programs are centered around PLEASURE – gotta love that!

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