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WTF at the W

I thought I got on a plane and left New York!! Wait I did. So why am I hanging out at the bursting at the seams uber hot new W in South beach watching all of New York walk by? Art Basel week has not only brought collectors from all over the globe but the cool cats of new york who can afford to get away. Today at Pulse I saw a tall guy who I’ve eyed (but never met) at least 4 New York/Hamptons parties. So back to the W where my girlfriend and I are flies on the wall ie one with the the sofa-people watching through the night. There’s a lot of coming and going and the killer high heels and BOOTS are astonishing. Art Nexus is having a party out by the pool and in the front bar it looks like cougar central-too much botox in that lighting for our taste. We awarded this young girl in sailors hat as top pick. Other notables were those in suped up legging versions-bedazzled and glittery, one in pink silk strapless pantsuit probably from the 70’s.-belted and billowy, Naomi Campbell in a nurses hat type head piece, Farrell Williams of NERD in white t-shirt and jeans (what is it about famous people wearing clothes that look like nothing but cost a fortune???-like prada)

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