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The secret fountain of youth style lesson from my 100 year old Grandfather Curt

The silver lining of working from Florida this winter has been more quality time with my beloved grandparents.

(I dedicated my latest book LOVE WHAT YOU WEAR to both of them)

And I must admit I have a major soft spot for them both.

Both of them have been up and down with their health in and out of the the hospital.

Good days and not so good days.

We’ve all been there.

I can only imagine what it’s like to be 100 and 80ish.

My Grandmother has always been super stylish and has managed to keep up her style despite not being comfortable with showing her legs, inability to wear heels, and size fluctuations. 
She still can dazzle and turn heads!

However last week I was blown away and inspired by my Grandfather Curt. 
He was super successful in his career and has been happily retired.

He is definitely a uniform dresser.

Khaki pants, JC penny belt, button down pressed shirt, penny loafers, and blazer or jacket.

He doesn’t wear flashy or designer clothing but his shirts are good quality and always well pressed. Occasionally he will show me the label of his jacket and it’s simple like Jos. A. Bank.

With what he earned he could have shopped high end designer, but that wouldn’t match his personality or brand. He doesn’t have an overflowing closet, but a well curated collection of his hits.

But he is put together in a way that shows his pride, honesty, and humility. He’s constantly reading and watching the news to stay current.

He cracks jokes.

He regularly shaves and keeps up with his grooming which apparently in the centurion set is rare.

What impressed me is his commitment to putting his best foot forward looking his best every single day.

Even if he just was in the hospital the day before he’s getting up every day and dressing.

No real occasion.

Just dressing well for life.

I’ve literally never seen him in sweats or his PJ’s.

And you know what?

When friends and family stop by unannounced he’s ready to receive them. (He has nothing to hide)

When he goes out, he is beloved by all.

Everywhere we go people young and old come up to talk to him. It’s almost like being with a celebrity. Partly because the company he created has spread joy throughout the USA. 

But also because he is a people person.

He has a positive attitude.

And I think that stems from how he feels.

And looking his best makes him feel good.

At least that’s what I see.

So the lesson is to put your best foot forward style wise every single day.

You might be surprised by what happens.


​​P.S. If you would like to develop a style that acts as a daily vitality booster like my grandpa, apply for an assessment call here.

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