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7 Lessons From Wearing A Sweatsuit Uniform for Two Weeks

Alexandra Stylist at Wellness retreatI spent two weeks at a wellness institute and they provided us with organic, non-toxic clothing to wear during our stay.

We had a choice of 3 different style tops, t-shirt, camisole, or tank.

Then sweat pants or shorts and a hoodie to keep you warm. 
They where meant to be loose to support the detoxification process.

They also provided non-toxic sandals with leather foot beds.

Jewelry and makeup where also discouraged.

As a stylist who wears fabulous outfits to showcase my style and attract ideal clients, as well as for personal pleasure, I found the exercise thought provoking.

My first response was that it would be a nice vacation from putting effort into getting dressed.

Then I wondered, would people have something to talk about with me now that I was stripped of my ‘outfits’? 

Would I connect and make friends as easily?

Here are the more notable observations during my time.

ONE ~ I noticed that the first few days I felt a bit invisible before making friends.
But then I started waving to everyone and being a bit more social.
I soon made friends easily and found that it was nice not to talk about what I did for work. It’s often a topic of conversation which keeps me constantly ‘tap dancing’. 

Now I could just be me and attract new friends based on a common experience connection.

TWO ~ Once I got into the groove of it, I loved how fast I could get dressed in the morning. I only needed 10-15 minutes to get out the door which was nice.
I could truly roll out of bed and go. I didn’t mess with my hair and enjoyed being more casual and natural.

THREE ~ I did wear my signature sunglasses from WOOW and found that with just that one accessory I felt kinda badass.

FOUR ~ There was a group of Amish visitors who where not wearing the cotton uniform but their own uniform. 
My first reaction was, “Why do they get to wear normal clothes and we don’t?” 
Their style reflects universal values of humility and modesty. For them it is a religious choice and sets them apart. Because they where visibly different from the other guests, I found myself avoiding meeting them because I would want to ask them tons of questions about their clothing and I wanted to respect their time to just be. Uniforms can divide us.

FIVE ~ Then I had an appointment with a doctor and he greeted me in street clothing. At first I didn’t trust him to be a doctor, my initial gut reaction. Then while I changed, he changed into his white doctors coat and I immediately felt safer and more trusting of him. 
Uniforms can establish positions of authority and trust.

SIX ~ In some ways I now understand schools decisions to use uniforms with students so they focus on their studies and not on outward appearances. Uniforms can be used as an equalizer.

SEVEN ~ I was able to truly focus on my health and connect with the other guests. While there I made some really strong bonds in a short amount of time. Some guests when they found out what I did expressed interest in hiring me which was a pleasant surprise. 
I guess you CAN network with grace anywhere, no matter what you are wearing.

My last day came and I felt even more beautiful in my ‘outside world’ red cotton dress.

Still cherishing the experience and ease of organic sweats.


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