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The main reason you hate to shop and how to fix it.

This week I was talking with a new potential client who shared with me how much she hates shopping.

She described to me how she recently got a jacket for a speaking engagement. She went shopping with a friend and they saw one jacket that she liked but it wasn’t in her size. She didn’t want to ask for it in her size.

So her friend fought with her and then finally asked for it in her size. The jacket worked out but it made me realize something.

So I asked her, “when you shop how many items do you select to try on?” One to three (1-3) was her response.


This is one of the main reasons why people hate shopping.

They don’t set themselves up for success in the dressing room.

Style like dating is a numbers game.

When I pull for a client I pull 1-2 racks of clothing. I stack the odds in my favor.

There is so much to choose from and try on that it stacks the odds in our favors.

If something doesn’t work out there’s no disappointment because you didn’t put all your style eggs in one basket.

Yesterday, I did a mini shop to get a few Spring dresses with a lady who is very busty and knows pretty well what suits her.

Together we found about 15 dresses to try on and 3 were total winners.


The whole process was pretty quick because we both know her style really well, and I’m pretty good at this.

We also figured out another key factor to dress shopping for her: she looks best in dresses that don’t have a seam at the waist area.

Because every time you shop it’s another opportunity to see what works and why.

So next time you find yourself on a mission. Get laser focused but pick out way more pieces that you need so that you can narrow it down and take the pressure of that one dress working out.

Let me know how it goes for you..

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