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Style File-Solving Saturday’s Fashion Challenges

Last week I worked with a high powered executive who was breezing through New York on business. We managed to carve out a few hours for a shopping expedition. Despite her high visibility job her fashion hunt was in the weekend genre. Her closet hole was in stylish ware for Saturdays. She had found that besides jeans or sweats she didn’t know what to wear to be comfy but also stylish and a step up. Before setting out we reviewed her some style and colors which will work uniquely for her. So with our limited time and budget~aren’t we all recessionistas now~so with our laser focus we set off the tackle Century 21 and then follow up with DVF and Trina Turk in the Meat Packing District.

So I know what you’re thinking that Century 21 is unthinkable, way too chaotic, crazy, and stressful. YES it can be. But not with a Stylist (that would be me) and not early Tuesday morning. I bet you didn’t know that Century 21 down at 22 Cortlandt street opens at 7:45 AM-9pm Monday thru Friday (shhh don’t tell too many recessionista fashionistas).

With our detailed list of flattering peplum sweaters, long sleeve tops, and upscale jeans or pants that have jeans-ness we took Century 21 by storm. We headed straight the designer area and worked our way noodling, pulling, and trying items. In the dressing room through the process we found great items for the steal of $155. Two sweaters-one navy, another brown with peplum flounce-both are loose but very flattering and wrappable with a belt. The miracle with these sweaters is that despite them having the ability to flatter her waist-it’s not really possible to outgrown them because they had no closures. We also found a stretch cotton long sleeve by Velvet in navy with ruffles built into the front and pants with jeans like styling-great pieces to add style to casual moments. While in the dressing room seeing rejects we learned key points for her-ruching in the breast area not good, no boxy cuts that hide her waist, and nothing too lowcut. The finishing touch was hitting the belt section and finding a belt that would work with both sweaters, elevate the look, and flatter her gorgeous waist. Mission accomplished…so yes I would say Century 21 has ‘fashion worth fighting for’

Testimonial:”Shopping with Alexandra was like shopping with your most stylish friend but having her 100% focused on you. And, she was infinitely patient. As I tried on belt, after belt, after belt, she looked at each with a keen eye and helped me pick one that elevated a sweater and a pair of jeans to the status of a great outfit.”

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