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Style Creatures of Habit-A Shoe Makeover

Right before I left for a week in Florida, I had a mini fashion emergency. ME have a crisis in my closet?! But, I’ve got everything under control because I’m a fashion stylist right? Well I’m human too and was suffering from what I see all the time: style holes in my closet. I had a bad case of worn out shoes. I’m hard on my shoes and have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable to stand and work nine hours in PLUS are attractive and not ugly. Wedges can be good because a foot bed with good arch support helps, and rubber soles are marvelous for New York City pavement. This is a tall order, I know.

So when I find the perfect pair of shoes, I tend to wear them to death. And I mean to death. I’m great at taking them to the cobbler and reviving them, but sometimes you just gotta let go. Letting go is hard, even for me, especially for the perfect shoes. With my trip to Florida looming and with only one pair of wearable sandals and my go-to night shoes looking tired, I realized as a creature of habit that I was in desperate need of a shoe makeover. I’ve always prided myself on being a fashionista and not a shoe-ista, but I realized then that I’d have to step it up a notch and go shopping unless I wanted to never leave my apartment again.

I had so little time before my trip, but I hit the three stores close to me: –Macy’s, Eneslow, and Lord and Taylor. Then I searched online which pays shipping both ways (gotta love that). What I found were some great replacements and additions but sadly no exact replicas.

What I realized during the process is how resistant I AM to change. I want exactly the replacement of the shoe that has worked for so long, but most times that’s impossible. I also ask that my shoes be versatile enough to go with a variety of outfits. For example, the red Cole Haans will be great in the summer with white but also work with blue jeans and a number of my dresses. But, styles and bodies change, my style evolves, time passes, and therefore change is inevitable.

What items in your closet do you have trouble letting go of? I would love to hear from you, so please comment down below with your own style confessions. Thanks for reading!

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