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Solving Leaky boot syndrome

Boots are on everyone’s minds in New York City this week as we’ve braved the blizzard of 2010.
Last night while out with some friends the fabulous Elizabeth Webb of La Vida Femme showed up with these adorable cowboy tapestry print wellie type boots. I complimented her immediately and she shared that alas these boots were leaky! Such a shame and so common. So this post is for you Webby and all those with leaky boot syndrome.

Last year I had a pair of leaky boots from Trotters which made getting around town absolutely miserable. I was not the only pedestrian trying to avoid puddles and snow banks.
I however got geared up for this year. Previous to my Trotters I had UGGS which leaked too. (I just tore a pair of leaky UGGS away from a client who is not alone in this). Luckily I had purchased at Nordstroms who took back both pairs-lesson to you all buy from stores with good return policies. Previous to that I had a pair of Timberland boots which had lasted a whopping 14 years.

So I went back to basics and am now the proud owner of 2 pairs on Timberlands. One of which are “earth keepers-gear which refuses to walk all over the environment”. Doesn’t that just warm your toes-environmentally conscious, very cozy,  affordable, and most importantly waterproof. I feel like my functionally driven Mom who always stressed buying quality products.
I’m saying it here: SHE WAS RIGHT!

Some good companies making solid WATERPROOF WINTER BOOTS: (sorry  I have found Cole Haan’s leather is delicate and not waterproof)

The downside of rubber boots is that they don’t let your feet breath the way treated leather does.
Oh and Zappos pays shipping both ways!
Happy splashing in puddles.

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