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Shoes…shoes…shoes…let’s get some SHOES!

Very Cool spread on shoes that came out today in WSA today
It’s so nice to be quoted. Thanks HARO
Pick up a copy today to enjoy the pics.
Here is the text from the article in this months WSA Today

Translating The Trends
A Handmade Tale
Craft-inspired textures add an artisan element to fall footwear
By Meaghan Kerins

Urban Mosaic
A new twist on the color block trend, patchwork-inspired constructions embody recessionista style with a “waste not, want not” vibe. Sure to be the statement piece of any ensemble, these funky styles attract attention with alluring color combinations while overlapping fabrics and materials add depth. Isaac Mizrahi strikes the perfect balance of bold and subtle with this carefully pieced-together dress. Blitz by Fergie ($99.95), 015330 by Dionella ($175), Cognac Patchwork Hobo Stud by Julie Lindsay ($490), Bangle by Sacha London ($225), Tremor by Calilla T. ($290) and Iliad by CL by Laundry ($50).

How To Wear It: The ideal choice for a hip cocktail party or funky gallery opening, these fun, colorful styles are not for the faint of heart. “It’s for the person that’s a little bit more adventurous and loves color,” says stylist Alexandra Greenawalt. “If you’re going to wear a really daring shoe, go for a simpler color scheme with your outfit; the easiest thing to do is pick one of the colors in the shoe and then use that for your clothing.”

Laced Up
From the Victorian era to Victoria’s Secret, lace overlay runs the gamut from prim and proper to racy and rebellious. Perfect paired with a basic black dress, lacy pumps can also soften up rock-inspired looks like sharkskin leggings or leather pants. Take a cue from Anna Sui, who draws attention to this whimsical and feminine fabric by placing it atop black and layering on leather accessories. Terra by Pazzo ($89), Conte by Sergio Zelcer ($150), Martha Lace by Salpy ($380), Palado by Nina ($89.95), Jeannie Clouds by This Ilk ($25), Sonnet by J. Reneé Luxe ($132) and Gracie by Rampage ($50).

How To Wear It: Greenawalt recommends saving this flirtatious footwear for nighttime. “It’s very sexy; it’s a date shoe 100 percent.” Pair these lacy pumps with black, nude or red, and don’t be too shy to show some leg. “I would definitely wear this with a dress or a skirt”use this shoe to vamp it up!”

Take Cover
From ancient Egypt to modern sewing circles, quilted constructions have found their way from the family room sofa to high-fashion runways. D&G takes this homespun trend couture with an ivory mini-dress, and a tasseled belt gives a nod to home décor. Emanating uptown chic, quilted flats add buttoned-up elegance to any ensemble. Harriet by London Sole ($210), two-tone shoe by Outono and B7529 by Rodo ($920).

How To Wear It: “While this is a more sophisticated look, the nice thing about these flats is that you can wear them with jeans and they look adorable, you can wear them with black pants and look pulled together; but you can also pair them with girly dresses.” Despite their versatility, Greenawalt adds one warning for multi-color styles: “I would be careful of having too many colors added into the mix.”

Curtain Call
Opulent, damask-inspired fabrics add a regal air to fall, as seen in this richly patterned jacquard jacket by Prada. While floral and paisley elements create a strikingly feminine design, monochromatic color schemes keep these styles wearable. Bistro by Ann Roth ($345), Babs by Diba ($79) and Cadele by Taryn Rose ($295).

How To Wear It: “You can thank the Tudors for this season’s tapestry-printed boots and booties,” says Greenawalt, who suggests pairing the shorter boot with skinny jeans and the higher style with a gray pencil skirt. “Be careful about mixing too many prints, patterns and textures. If you are going to make a statement, do it with the shoe and build the outfit around the shoe – think supporting role, not competing.”

Basket Case
Woven leather details add interest to this season’s basic ballet flat. Though the casual silhouette will keep her looking polished from 9 to 5, the artisan elements will set her apart. Marni adds sheen to this two-piece look with a woven design in metallic gold and royal purple. Bella by Paul Mayer ($270), Ribbonella by Bloch ($160), Flat Maria by Carolina Pagano ($550), PA-7096 by Chocolat Blu ($370), bronze flat by Schutz and Sam by Lust4Luxe ($460).

How To Wear It: “I see this as a daytime shoe,” says Greenawalt, who cautions that flats, if worn incorrectly, can take inches off your height. “For those under 5’7″ flats look best with pants, but if you do choose a skirt keep the hemline above the knee. If you are over 5’7″, a printed dress or skirt, something with some movement to it, will add a feminine touch.”

Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt
Under the moniker AlexandrA, Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt has styled in New York City for the past eight years. It is AlexandrA’s experience as a stylist working on-set with renowned fashion photographers, entertainers and designers that has led to a well-connected knowledge of how to look fabulous in every situation. Learn more at

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