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Fashion can be funny

By | November 18th, 2017 | TALENTED PEOPLE

Hello beautiful,

I have been a fan of Iliza Schlesinger’s comedy for a few years now.

I’m even a big fan of her adorable dog blanche who has her own Instagram following.

I got hooked by Iliza’s first Netflix special and then saw her live in LA, Boston, and NYC.

Last Saturday I saw her last show in at The Town Hall in NYC. Our ticket came with a free copy of her book.

Of course I came home and started devouring it immediately.

Her book is equally brilliant, but also more personal.

Her chapter, CASE CLOTHES, has so much gold that I wanted to respond to it personally with this video.

(If no sound, please turn on volume in lower right corner)
To doubt our own style and bodies as a girl or a woman is pretty natural.

One of the reason’s I became a stylist was because I felt like a dork in junior high.

Learning about my own body shape, coloring and how to dress it to the best ability, coupled with discovering expressing my own style has been the most powerful style secret weapons.

It gives me the confidence to step out and greet the world in a more present way and is the reason I style real women today.

I help women uncover their style so they can feel confident and kick ass in business.

Buy Girl Logic. It had me in stitched. See her on tour. She’s only going to blow up more. Her book is in stores now.

So Iliza I love you, I love your work and if you ever want to work with a professional such as myself to co-create a style that feels like you get in touch with me through my website

Thanks for watching. To redeem your thank you gift of my third book, simply email me at with LOVE in the subject line and I will get you a copy.


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