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Ruffles go round

Ruffles are nothing new to the fashion scene. Men used to wear ruffled shirts at Versailles and I found a wonderful ruffle inspiration on Catherine Spaak in the 1969 movie The Libertine. To me it looks like a Ralph Lauren shirt. So I’m still loving ruffles and I love that all these wonderful companies are bringing ruffles to washable fabrics like cotton and modal. I bought this green grey one last year from Moth at you guessed it Anthropologie and continue to wear it incessantly.
My 2 top pics are from Anthropologie. I really want to get the burgundy one.
How I wear it:
*with jeans and high boots on a Saturday in Soho
*over a dress to meet with a client
*as an in between weather sweater coat
*over sweats on the plane (shown above shot by Nichole Wright of Bon Vivant)
*Over a cute bra and pantie set hanging with a beau

How would you wear it?

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