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I don’t know about you but I kinda think this whole recession may be a hard but healthy dose of medicine that the world needs. What happened to a world where if you wanted something you had to earn the money? Our reliance on credit has been disgraceful. I was taught by my family that if you didn’t have the money, no manolos for you! It was pretty simple. But in the last 12 years I have witnessed the most ridiculous things. CEO’s driving companies into the ground all the while enjoying cushy salaries. The inflated bonuses that allow wives to indulge in $1200 shoes and $16,000 watches. Then CEO’s turn around start another company and raise capital from the same stupid rich people they borrowed from in the first place.
I say bring back the hard earned dollar! The company that was built over 30 years not 3 years who believed in good value.
Now as a fashion stylist I’m not against fashion and I enjoy the eye candy that vogue and w provide, I just think the whole luxury market has gone a tad overboard.

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