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One look does not fit all

The wonderful thing about clothing and accessories is that they are voluntary contributions. Unlike hair coloring, style isn’t permanent and always evolving. A few years ago I was Loft living Williamsburg (Brooklyn not Virginia) and trying to fit in style wise. Everyone was way too cool for school that hanging with my cool sexually ambiguous friends I found myself becoming a chameleon. I went to a prom party circa 1980. I think Marc Jacobs may have found inspiration from us hipsters in WillieB. W Magazine did a whole article around the Berlinsburg moment-thanks to a local dive club. I dyed my own chuckies, I cut holes in my shirts, I cut fingers off my gloves, I went for eccentric. Did it work? Was it fun? Yes and yes. Was it me? No but when I moved into the city I reinvented myself again.
I encourage you to explore experiment and find yourself. Or just play dress up. It always worked for me!
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Have a story to tell about one of your looks…please comment below!

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