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Milos hot springs at the powerplant???

By | August 21st, 2010 | TRAVEL

Milos 'hot springs'

As a water junkie-hopefully you’ve read some of my previous posts on water spas, hot springs, cold springs, steam rooms, swimming pools, and any cool place involving water I HAD to check out the hot springs with my new BTBE (best travel buddy ever). We had limited time so we asked the taxi driver to take us to the hot springs down the road about 3 k. When the driver asked, “by the power plant?” We were in such an optimistic/touristic mood   undeterred and answered,  “sure”. This water therapy was going to be great! We arrive and it is exactly in front of the power plant, a small beach along the road with a gushing stream of water that could easily we from the power plant. Out of place but appreciated is a lone changing cabin with hooks that nothing stays up on and a flapping curtain. Great-it’s an ‘organized beach’.  There are 3 Greek elder tourists in the water with hats, sunglasses, and their water aerobics in motion.  I hesitantly put my toe in the water-not exactly the cleanest beach and it feel that it is warm. I go in further and it’s an interesting mix of hot and cool. My travel buddy cuts to the chase and sits down in the small pool at the gushing source. She’s only got a few inches of water to sit in but she’s flapping around like a happy seal, soaking up the warm water and sun. There was no sticky salt feel on our skin after swimming but I wished the cab driver would return sooner.

(At one time there were grander hot springs on Milos but sadly they have evaporated.)

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