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Packing Hacks

By | February 24th, 2017 | TRAVEL

I’m writing to you from St Maarten where I’m about to get on a Windstar yacht for a week of pure water heaven.

You probably already know that I’m a total water junkie and can often be found floating/swimming in some sea or pool.

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I decided I would book a water trip when I finished my manuscript and so I did. 

My third book is currently in the editing stages and slated to launch April 6. 

The book will help women who split their time between homes master their style.

Before I left Miami I was inspired to make a packing hacks video for you all. Plus you get a sneak peak of the Miami YACHT show.

If you missed the LIVE video in facebook you can watch it here:

Living semi-nomadic has turned me into a packing and minimalist master.

Learning to live with less has been a priceless lesson.

In this video I talk about:

~How convertible garments can save you save in your luggage
~Products that can be double duty use
~A new mail order company which lets you pick out five clothing and accessory items, they send them to you, you wear them, and you can return it for a new box at any time. Unlimited boxes each month for one monthly fee. Like rent the runway but for more casual outfits. Maternity is available also which is key!!

Mentioned in the video:
Coolibar-convertible scarf
Acure shampoo
Coconut oil that works as eye makeup remover, moisturizer, and food ingredient.
Le tote

After you watch the video let me know which packing hack you found most useful to you in the comments below.

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